Colombian Caldas’ Rum and Gin Achieve Global Recognition for Exceptional Taste

Ron Viejo de Caldas Juan de la Cruz and Gin Bosque de Indias from the Industria Licorera de Caldas (ILC) have received the highest accolades at the 2024 Superior Taste Awards, organized by the International Taste Institute (ITI) in Brussels, Belgium.

In a remarkable achievement for the Industria Licorera de Caldas (ILC), two of its premium spirits, Ron Viejo de Caldas Juan de la Cruz and Gin Bosque de Indias, were awarded the highest honors at the 2024 Superior Taste Awards. This prestigious event, organized by the International Taste Institute (ITI) in Brussels, Belgium, is among the most esteemed global gastronomy and liquor industry recognitions.

Both spirits received the maximum rating of three stars for their exceptional taste. This accolade came after a blind tasting by a jury composed of world-renowned chefs and liquor experts from Michelin-starred restaurants. The evaluation was based on five international criteria of sensory analysis: first impression, appearance, aroma, taste, and final sensation (for beverages).

Gin Bosque de Indias was also honored with the Crystal Taste Award for achieving the highest rating for three consecutive years. This distinction underscores the consistent quality and excellence of ILC’s products.

“On behalf of the entire team and the jury of the Taste Institute, I would like to congratulate your company for producing such high-quality products and contributing to making the world a more pleasant place,” the International Taste Institute said.

Diego Angelillis Quiceno, General Manager of ILC, commented on this significant achievement: “At ILC, we develop innovative products that meet the needs of our market, creating unforgettable experiences and enriching the most important moments of our consumers. This very relevant achievement drives us to continue improving our sustainable innovation processes to meet the goals of the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan.”

Expanding Internationally

Ron Viejo de Caldas is the flagship product of the ILC portfolio, leading the national market and being the most exported product to other countries. Its variants, Gran Reserva Especial, Carta de Oro, and Tradicional, also received two stars at the 2024 Superior Taste Awards, further distinguishing them in international markets.

“We are committed to global expansion in the Industria Licorera de Caldas. Over the next four years, we aim to increase our international sales to 5 million units of 750 ml bottles in more than 18 countries. We strive to position ourselves as leaders with our products, offering quality and excellence to our customers, as evidenced by these important awards from the International Taste Institute,” stated Angelillis Quiceno.

The awards highlight the superior quality of ILC’s products and emphasize the company’s strategic focus on expanding its global footprint. The recognition from the International Taste Institute is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire ILC team in maintaining the highest standards of production and innovation.

Moreover, Aguardiente Amarillo de Manzanares, another product from ILC, achieved two stars at the Superior Taste Awards. This spirit, which has garnered significant consumer acceptance in Colombia, is now beginning to conquer international markets in Spain, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the United States, where 14,400 bottles were recently exported.

This success story of ILC clearly indicates the company’s commitment to excellence and its vision of becoming a global leader in the liquor industry. The awards validate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle produced by ILC, ensuring that consumers worldwide can enjoy the finest spirits.

As ILC continues to innovate and expand, the future looks promising for this esteemed company. The accolades from the Superior Taste Awards are just the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s history, marked by international recognition and a growing presence in global markets.

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The remarkable achievements of Ron Viejo de Caldas Juan de la Cruz and Gin Bosque de Indias at the 2024 Superior Taste Awards reflect the exceptional quality and dedication of ILC. These accolades enhance the brand’s reputation and pave the way for further growth and success on the international stage.

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