Maná’s ‘México Lindo y Querido Tour’ Culminates in Homecoming

Maná’s ‘México Lindo y Querido Tour,’ which began in June 2022 in Tijuana, will conclude in their homeland between October and November 2024. The band is thrilled to return to their roots after an extensive international journey.

Maná embarked on their ‘México Lindo y Querido Tour’ in June 2022, starting in Tijuana. This monumental tour, spanning over two years, has seen the band perform in numerous countries across the globe, including the United States, Canada, Spain, and many more. The tour will conclude in Mexico between October and November 2024, marking a significant homecoming for the band. The band expressed joy at returning to their homeland, saying they are “happy to come back to our country, to our origin.”

During their stay in Barcelona—the first stop on their tour of Spain—the band members shared their excitement in an interview with EFE. Lead singer Fher Olvera reminisced about the joy they felt being back in Spain, describing it as “an inexplicable happiness.” He emphasized their fondness for Spain, a country where they feel warmly welcomed and appreciated. The band’s experiences during the tour, such as this, have been a testament to their enduring popularity and the strong connection they share with their fans.

Spain’s Enthusiastic Reception

The band’s return to Spain was highly anticipated, with Olvera noting how much they had missed performing there. “Spain is an enjoyable country for Maná, a place where people treat us very well,” he said. The seven years since their last concert in Spain felt like seventy, according to Olvera, due to their Spanish audiences’ enthusiastic and lively nature. Describing the Spanish fans as “a hurricane of singing, dancing, and everything happening at once,” he reflected on the energetic and celebratory atmosphere that characterizes their concerts in Spain.

The mutual eagerness for this tour is evident, as the band sold out in all ten Spanish cities they planned to visit, with only a few tickets remaining for their Valencia show. The band’s ability to draw such large and enthusiastic crowds speaks to their enduring popularity and strong connection with their fans.

As the band approaches its 40th anniversary in 2027, drummer Alex González attributes their longevity to the chemistry among the members and their shared passion for music. “As long as we have health and all those elements, I believe Maná will be around for many more years,” González stated. He humorously added that if the Rolling Stones can keep performing into their old age, there’s hope for Maná to do the same.

Enduring Success and Emotional Connections

Olvera believes the band’s sustained success over the years is due to their music’s deep resonance with fans. “Many people have Maná’s DNA in their hearts; our lyrics are there,” he said. He emphasized that fans’ personal connection with their songs has been a crucial factor in their lasting appeal. “It’s a personal identification made by them with our songs, so for us, it’s truly a delight to feel this after so many years,” he concluded, underscoring the profound emotional bond between the band and their fans.

The band members expressed profound happiness about concluding their tour in Mexico, a country that has shaped them in many ways. “It’s our country, the country that gave us the stage to be born, the country we love deeply, the country that has filled us with dreams, challenges, problems, and restlessness, from which Maná emerged for the whole world,” they said, expressing their deep gratitude and love for their homeland.

Maná’s final performances will be a grand spectacle, taking place at the prestigious Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City on October 10, 11, and 13. The venue, known for its excellent acoustics and visibility, is the perfect setting for their grand finale. The band promises a top-notch production, including a carefully curated setlist of their greatest hits and a visually stunning stage design, to ensure fans have an unforgettable experience. These final performances will be a fitting tribute to the band’s journey and a celebration of their enduring legacy.

Returning Home to Mexico

Following Mexico City, the tour will continue with a performance in Tijuana on October 19, followed by shows in several central Mexican cities, including Querétaro, León, Mérida, and Tuxtla. The band will then head north, with concerts in Ciudad Juárez, Monterrey, Puebla, and finally, Guadalajara—their hometown—where they will wrap up the tour on November 29.

“This will be the last chance to see Maná in Mexico this year, and who knows how many more years it will be before we return,” Olvera commented, highlighting the significance of these final performances for their Mexican fans.

Looking beyond the tour, Maná has plans to release new music. However, instead of a traditional album, they plan to release a series of singles. This strategy, as hinted by Olvera, aligns with the evolving music industry trends and allows the band to engage with their audience continually. The band is particularly excited about this new approach, which promises to bring fresh and innovative music to their fans.

Maná’s Global Impact

Maná’s ‘México Lindo y Querido Tour’ is not just a celebration of their music but also a testament to their enduring appeal and their cultural impact. Throughout their careers, they have become ambassadors of Latin American rock, blending traditional and contemporary sounds to create a unique and powerful musical identity. Their lyrics often touch on social and political themes, resonating deeply with fans across the globe. Their music has not only entertained but also inspired and influenced generations, making them a significant force in the music industry.

The band’s ability to maintain relevance over four decades is remarkable. Their music continues to attract new generations of listeners while their loyal fan base remains strong. This tour, in particular, has showcased their ability to connect with audiences in diverse countries, reinforcing their status as one of Latin America’s most influential bands.

The ‘México Lindo y Querido Tour’ journey reflects Maná’s evolution and unwavering commitment to their roots. Each performance blends nostalgia and innovation, paying homage to their early days while embracing new musical influences. This balance has been critical to their success, allowing them to stay true to their origins while adapting to the changing music landscape.

A Celebratory Homecoming

As Maná prepares to conclude their tour in Mexico, the band reflects on their incredible journey and the support of their fans. The final performances in their homeland are not just concerts but a celebration of their legacy and the shared memories with their audience. For Maná, returning to Mexico is a heartfelt tribute to the country that has been the foundation of their success.

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Their plans to release new music as singles indicate their ongoing creativity and desire to stay connected with their audience. As they look forward to new projects, Maná remains a powerful force in the music industry, inspiring fans with their passion, resilience, and dedication to their craft.

The ‘México Lindo y Querido Tour’ has been a remarkable chapter in Maná’s story. As they take the final bow in Guadalajara, they do so with the knowledge that their music will continue to echo in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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