Mexico’s Monarch Guardian: A Story of Environmental Valor

El guardián de las monarcas,” premiering on Netflix, illuminates the difficult lives of environmental activists in Mexico, a country notorious for its many activist murders, through the story of Homero Gómez.

In the heart of Mexico, where the delicate wings of monarch butterflies cut through the air, a tale of courage, sacrifice, and grave danger unfolds. “El guardián de las monarchs,” a new documentary set to premiere on Netflix this Thursday, dives deep into the life and untimely death of Homero Gómez. Gómez was an environmental activist whose work was dedicated to preserving these majestic creatures in Michoacán, a state in Western Mexico, until his mysterious death in January 2020.

The Plight of Environmentalists in Mexico

Directed by Emiliano Ruprah and produced by Eduardo Díaz, the documentary aims to shed light on the harsh realities faced by environmental defenders in Mexico. The country is one of the deadliest for environmentalists, marked by a chilling record of targeted murders that have drawn international condemnation but little in the way of effective intervention.

Homero Gómez was renowned for his passionate advocacy for the monarch butterflies, which migrate annually from North America to the mountainous forests of Michoacán and the State of Mexico. His work was crucial in conserving their habitats and ensuring their survival—an endeavor that, as the documentary suggests, may have led to his demise. According to the autopsy, Gómez drowned in a small waterhole after suffering a severe blow to the head—a tragic end that the film insinuates might not have been just a simple accident.

“Visibility is part of the project’s aim, to achieve conditions where these tragedies happen less or not at all,” stated Díaz during an interview. The documentary gathers stories from various activists who have been violently suppressed, echoing a broader pattern of aggression that has plagued environmental defenders not just in Mexico but across Latin America.

Indeed, a report by Amnesty International in April highlighted the “criminalization” of activists and journalists as a significant human rights issue in Mexico. Meanwhile, data from the Mexican Center for Environmental Law (Cemda) revealed that 20 environmentalists were murdered in Mexico in 2023 alone, one of the highest counts in Latin America and globally.

Seeking Justice Amidst Impunity

“This situation places Mexico among the worst countries to be a defender, an environmentalist, and this must change,” Ruprah stressed. His documentary exposes the weak judicial investigations that often characterize the pursuit of justice for these crimes, which fosters a high level of impunity for perpetrators.

Accessing information and archival material was a considerable challenge for the film’s crew, as noted by Díaz. The production, which began in August 2022 and included footage from October when the monarch butterflies arrived in Mexico, faced numerous obstacles. “One of the main challenges was the research team accessing this information, some of which even Gómez’s family was unaware of,” Díaz explained.

Local media played a crucial role in helping the documentary team understand Gómez’s work and life. The alliance with these outlets provided a firsthand look at the activist’s impact and the significant risks he and his peers faced.

The film also touches on the cultural significance of the monarch butterfly in Mexico. It is often associated with the souls of the departed during the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. This symbolism adds a poignant layer to the narrative, enriching the story of Gómez and the broader existential fight of environmental defenders in the region.

A Call to Action: “The Guardian of the Monarchs”

“The Guardian of the Monarchs” is not just a documentary; it’s a critical exploration of the dangers faced by those who dare to protect the environment in Latin America. It tells a story that resonates across the Americas, in a region where environmentalists are regularly threatened, and many murders remain unresolved, leaving countless stories untold.

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As the documentary debuts, it brings to the forefront the urgent need for change and protection for those brave enough to stand up for the planet. It challenges viewers to consider the high cost of environmental conservation in areas where economic interests often override ecological concerns. This documentary is a stark reminder of the ongoing battle for environmental justice in Latin America and the enduring spirit of those like Homero Gómez, who have paid the ultimate price.

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