Peruvian Director’s ‘Reinas’ Clinches Top Prize at Berlin Film Festival’s Generation KPlus

“Reinas,” directed by Peruvian filmmaker Klaudia Reynickel, won the best film award in the Generation KPlus section at the Berlin Film Festival, highlighting Latin American storytelling and political history through a family’s narrative.

International Acclaim for “Reinas”

In a vibrant celebration of Latin American cinema on the international stage, “Reinas,” a film by the Peruvian director Klaudia Reynickel, now residing in Switzerland, has garnered significant acclaim, winning the grand prize for best film in the Generation KPlus segment at the Berlin Film Festival. Following its debut at the Sundance Festival in January, “Reinas” emerged as a standout among 17 entries dedicated to young audiences, showcasing the finest in international cinema for children and youth.

The jury lauded “Reinas” for its compelling performance, lighting, characters, and storytelling blend. They noted how these elements synergize to craft an everyday family life narrative while also voicing the unique political history of Peru. This recognition underscores the film’s ability to bridge personal and collective experiences, resonating with viewers on multiple levels.

Tri-National Collaboration and Release Plans

A tri-national endeavor, “Reinas” represents a collaboration between Switzerland, Peru, and Spain, with distribution in Spanish cinemas slated for September by Bteam Pictures. The film, set in Peru during the tumultuous 1990s, weaves autobiographical threads into the story of two teenage sisters facing the prospect of leaving their homeland. Their unexpected reunion with an absentee father becomes a poignant exploration of familial bonds amidst change.

The Spanish segment of the production is helmed by Inicia Films, led by Valérie Delpierre, known for her work on “20,000 Species of Bees,” “Summer 1993,” and “Schoolgirls.” The Peruvian production company Materazo Films (“October”) and the Swiss Alva Film (“Hive, The Beehive”) also contributed to bringing “Reinas” to life.

Special Mentions and Short Film Awards

The Generation KPlus jury also bestowed special mentions on “Root” by Peruvian Franco García and the short film “Uli” by Colombian Mariana Gil Ríos, with “A Bird Flew” by Colombian Leinad Pájaro de la Hoz receiving the exceptional short film award. These accolades precede the festival’s closing gala, where the international jury, led by Mexican-Kenyan actress and producer Lupita Nyong’o, will announce the official winners.

“Reinas” triumph at the Berlin Film Festival signals a growing recognition and appreciation for Latin American cinema’s rich storytelling and cultural depth. The film’s success highlights Reynickel’s directorial prowess. It shines a light on the broader narrative of Latin America’s history and its evolving cinema landscape. This achievement follows in the footsteps of other Latin American filmmakers and productions, reinforcing the region’s presence and influence in global cinema.

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As “Reinas” prepares for its Spanish release, its accolades at the Berlin Film Festival serve as a testament to the power of cinema in bridging diverse cultures and histories. The film’s narrative, rooted in Peru’s complex past and presented through the intimate lens of a family’s story, offers audiences worldwide a unique window into the struggles and resilience of Latin American societies. This victory at one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals elevates “Reinas.” It underscores the vibrant, multifaceted tapestry of Latin American film.

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