Everything you need to know about Football Manager 2020

Football Manager 2020, the popular video game where you pretend to be a football coach, will finally be released on November 19. As confirmed by the designer companies Sega and Sports Interactive.

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The video game will be available on different platforms such as PC, MAC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

It should be remembered that this game is based on making the decisions not only of the present but of the future of the football club of your choice. In addition, as a sports coach and also at the managerial level. The above allows you to be responsible for signings, alignments, budgets, among others.

The official site of the game adds that “in Football Manager 2020, every decision counts thanks to the new functionalities, giving more power to the managers so that they have more control of their destiny and that of their team. You will be responsible for your decisions and the consequences they have. ”

While the official launch date will not be until November 19, those lucky people who could reserve it in advance were lucky enough to play it and see the new features and new graphics that fans were waiting for.

What brings back?

According to the official website, these are some of the new features

1. New development center

With this new function, you can better control the young and promising talents. You will also have the possibility of discovering the next world stars that will debut in the following seasons.

In addition, "you can control not only the players of your club, but now you can also track more easily the players that you have assigned and that you have assigned, and you will be able to access their performance and their valuation", according to the page official.

The importance of this new feature lies in the fact that, as a player, it allows you to fully immerse yourself in “the development of youth or, if you prefer, you can opt for the indirect route and delegate everything to the technical staff”.

2. Vision of the game

This new feature is an expansion to the so-called boardroom, the difference is that with this new functionality, both the user and the club, will allow them to set future goals for the team in the coming seasons.

Thus, "your job is to strengthen the identity of the club and meet the milestones marked by the board as part of its long-term planning." In addition, the vision of the club is divided into three areas: club culture, constant objectives, and the five-year plan.

But you have to be careful because according to how you respond to the wishes not only of the fans but of the directives, your performance and your reputation as a coach will be evaluated. This is how if you adapt a certain style, it will affect you throughout your career, “if in a club you have developed a particularly offensive style, you will be known for it throughout the world and it could make you desirable for a directive whose vision of the club include that style of play. "

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3. Better graphics

One of the most requested features by fans was to be able to have better graphics, and luckily the developers took this suggestion into account! The creators of the game have strived to make football players and managers more realistic by redesigning appearances. The above allows more detail "in body composition and clothing", according to Goal.

Not only have human models been improved but the public in the stadiums have also been improved. In addition, the field where you play will be affected by the weather conditions of the game, which allows you to see puddles of rain, and a clearer field when it is sunny.


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Other new features you can find is the Technical Corps, where you will receive a message where they will give you advice on the players you should choose for the match.

Finally, there is the path of time where it allows coaches to incorporate the expectations of the contract negotiation route. Therefore, it offers you greater control "of the structure of the team and a simple way to manage long-term planning."

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