Find out how to exercise through the second trimester of pregnancy

You made it through the dreaded first trimester!  Maybe you didn’t make it to the gym, but maybe you did! Is it too late to embark on your fit pregnancy journey?  How does exercise change in the second trimester?

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Making it through the first trimester was such a relief!  I remember thinking that my morning sickness would finally end and I would be able to start going to the gym again. Unfortunately for me, my morning sickness did not begin to subside until week 20! I did however re-hydrate and gain enough energy back where it was safe to start exercising again.  

Of the three trimesters, this one was definitely the easiest!  I had the most energy, I only had mild to moderate morning sickness, and I was able to make it to the gym 4-5 times a week and go for a walk with my dog the days I didn’t make it to the gym.  The days I wasn’t active I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and even how I felt physically.  They were the only days I felt aches and pains.   

Because of my experiences with a Fit Pregnancy I wanted to leave you with 5 Reasons a Fit Pregnancy is important to helping you make it through your second trimester.

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  1. There’s a hormone called relaxin that starts to loosen up our joints in preparation for labor. When you hear the word loose you may think of increased flexibility, but for me personally I felt like I was 30 years older than I actually was.  Working out helped me feel less tight and more able to move without feeling like I was about to pull a muscle when I bent over to pick something up.
  2. As the belly grows we may start to get more uncomfortable and even some back pain.  I dealt with many hardships during pregnancy, but back pain was not one of them and I know it was because I was active before and during pregnancy!
  3. Better nights sleep!  As the bladder becomes more active and the bump begins to grow, sleeping becomes harder and harder.  Staying active can help you sleep better
  4. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy may increase your risk for pre—eclampsia, gestational diabetes, vericose veins, and even make it harder to lose the weight in the post partum period.  Exercising during your second trimester can help you stay on track towards healthy weight gain
  5. Towards the end of this trimester your baby goes through a huge growth spurt length wise! Exercise, more specifically aerobic exercise, which many people know it as cardio helps your baby grow during this important period of their development.

Remember, while exercising and maintaining a fit pregnancy carries benefits for both you and your baby, it is only recommended to continue if you have been cleared by your health care provider.

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