Fortunately, They Exist To Guide Us in Raising Children!

A good pediatrician is patient and cares about being constantly updated. They provide individual attention to each child without any of their patients feeling like one more.

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Pediatricians are those absolutely indispensable doctors who should think about how many calls from distressed mothers and fathers would be avoided if they had the initiative to create a digital manual with various topics to distribute among parents – especially the very young- who enter the clinics in a couple and come out in a number of three. A manual that will answer basic questions whose answers are so "desperately" needed: Why does my baby cry if she is not hungry, cold, and comfortable in her crib? Why are nuggets growing all over her body? What is that ugly, whitish coating on my baby's head? Why does she roll her eyes? Why does she wake up so many times at night? Why does she vomit?

We pay a well-deserved tribute to the women and men who chose pediatrics as their specialty, those who deserve that, in her honor, the International Day of the Pediatrician is celebrated every year on October 20.

Roots of Pediatrics

The story goes that in 1722 the word "pediatrics" was written for the first time in a treatise whose author was the doctor and professor from Switzerland, Theodor Zwinger, and a century later in Germany and France, past 1850, pediatrics began to walk independently, separating from internal medicine and obstetrics.

However, ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia (2100 years BC) and Egypt (1600 and 1450 years BC) had already "written" about children's own diseases: The first on clay tablets and the second on papyri where references regarding the infants' birth, feeding, and play, as well as frequent affections. The Egyptians were the first to discover the benefits of breast milk for babies and that is why they prolonged it until their little ones were three years old.

During the 18th century, Europe devoted special attention to pediatrics through medical writings where childhood diseases such as diphtheria and tonsillitis began to be explained and hygiene, epidemiological and nutritional reports were frequent to care for children through practices different from those of the applied to adults.


Always Important

It is pertinent for the world to remember the great importance that pediatricians have in societies because they are the first contact that newborns have with health control. They take care of the health of the baby, the child, and the adolescent up to 18 years of age. They monitor growth and development during the most sensitive stages of human beings, their formation, growth, and development.

Pediatricians generally have a special patience, especially with new parents who, given their lack of experience in parenting, often consult their children's doctors even for the most "unlikely" reasons.

How To Choose a Good Pediatrician?

A good piece of advice to choose the best pediatrician for our children is to approach several professionals with this specialty during pregnancy until mom and dad feel that they have found the ideal one. If they are comfortable with the doctor who will monitor the health of your little one, this will be too.

The qualities of a good pediatrician include patience, their concern to be constantly updated, and the particular attention they provide to each child without any of their patients feeling like one.

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