Gallery: The 5 Most Common Dog Diseases and their Warning Symptoms

Dogs Cannot Communicate to us when they Feel Bad. However, there are some Symptoms that Warn of a Possible Disease. They Must not be Overlooked.


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Just like humans, dogs can be susceptible to various diseases, both communicable and chronic. Likewise, most of these have a cure and can also be prevented with protection measures and vaccination. For this reason, having their vaccination card up to date and giving them the reinforcements annually is essential.

However, no dog is free from getting sick, no matter how careful you are with your dog. For this reason, it is important to know what are the most common diseases in dogs and what are the warning signs that make us take them to a veterinarian.

In addition to these diseases, there are also others that are associated with the breed of the animal. Likewise, they can be inherited by genetic factors that can be unpredictable when adopting a pet. "The significant reduction in the genetic diversity of many dog breeds, together with inadequate breeding practices and insufficient selective pressure towards health and welfare traits, has made certain breeds especially susceptible to a large number of disorders, many of which are which are painful or produce a chronic debilitation", indicates a publication of the Professional Veterinary Magazine of Companion Animals. For this reason, before taking a dog home you should be aware that it can get sick and that it is your responsibility to take care of it and pay its veterinary expenses.

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