Goodbye Sean Connery and other news of the week

Cinema lost one of its greats, Sir Sean Connery, but it wasn't the only news this week.

Sean Connery

These are the most relevant entertainment news of this week. / Photos: YT / CineVulture, Pexels, IG / disneyplusla

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This week was very interesting in terms of entertainment, the cultural and entertainment agenda was very busy and so that you do not stay out of the conversation we present these 5 topics that we know you can share with your friends.

Goodbye Mr. Bond, farewell to Sean Connery

On October 31, the world of cinema lost one of its greatest heroes, Sean Connery, with more than 94 titles in its history, he was one of the most recognized actors for all generations. He became immortal with his portrayal of James Bond, but this was not the only character that this great actor made unforgettable, from Dr Cambell in "Medicine Man", becoming Robin Hood with Audrey Hepburn in "Robin and Marian" to the unmissable Captain Ramius in "The Hunt for Red October". Long live the work of Sir Sean Connery.

Bruce Springsteen is still the Boss

With the release of "Letter to you" on October 23, and this week reaching the top of the Billboard charts, he established himself as one of the greats of music. With this album he becomes the first artist to get 5 albums in the top of the Billboard 200.

"Letter to You" is Springsteen's 21st album to be in the top 10 of the best sellers, and it becomes his first release this decade, thus managing to stay current since the release of "Born to Run" in 1975.


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Disneyland publishes rules to reopen its doors

California has set fairly strict rules for the reopening of amusement parks. The state has implemented a system of color levels and, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, has determined that large parks will be able to open once the yellow level is achieved.

At the time of opening within the yellow level, Disneyland will be able to open with 25% of its capacity, queues will not be allowed in closed areas and traffic through the park must allow a minimum distance of 30 cm (one foot) between its visitors .

Disneyland had closed since March and although the Florida headquarters reopened in July, it had to reduce its hours of operation in September due to the upsurge in infections.


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Aruba opens its doors to foreign tourism

In the travel news, the Caribbean island announced this week that as of December 1 it will allow the arrival of tourists from Central and South America. Evely Wever-Croes, Prime Minister of Aruba, reported that all steps have been taken to begin the reopening process. This is excellent news for all Latin Americans who are emerging from quarantines and want to spend the end of the year to the sound of the beach and the festive atmosphere of the island.


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Disney + arrives in Latin America

Since the middle of this year, Disney took its movies and series from the Netflix platform. From that moment the great animated hits of this study as well as the movies and series of the Marvel universe disappeared from Netflix.

This week Disney reported that as of November 3, its Disney + channel will be available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

With this launch, it joins Apple +, Amazon Prime and Netflix in the options available to the Latin American public and puts the competition for streaming services in the region on fire


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