How to get a license of manufacture or cultivation of cannabis in Colombia?

There was a change in the laws that let people deal with the stretching routine as well, besides just consumption. It was a huge step forward. Now you are allowed to cultivate and grow the plants at home.

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Colombia is a location with over seven years of legalized medical cannabis. People can consume cannabis in small doses. There was a change in the laws that let people deal with the stretching routine as well, besides just consumption. It was a huge step forward. Now you are allowed to cultivate and grow the plants at home.

Public consumption became legal in June 2019. Colombia's Constitutional Court canceled the ban related to the public use of cannabis products (e.g. cbd vape cartridge). What we have currently is the need to have a special license for growing and freedom to consume products (e.g. CBD vape pen cartridge) that you buy from reliable vendors.

What you need to produce medical cannabis in Colombia

You can be a resident of Colombia or come from outside of this country – you have the right to grow cannabis plants if you have a proper license. And you have to get it before you start doing it. The licenses are issued and processed by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and by the Ministry of Justice and Law. We’ll guide you through the steps that are required for obtaining the license.

You can get a license for five years. You can apply for renewal as many times as you want. There are no tons of specific rules to follow. However, there are some restrictions regarding what kind of seeds you are allowed to use for cultivating the plants. You have to register them at the Colombian Institute of Agriculture (ICA).

If you want to use some restricted seeds that you strongly need for making some good products or even the best CBD vape cartridge, you can try solving this issue with the National Institute of Drug and Food Surveillance (INVIMA). You need to get a certificate from them allowing you to use specific types of seeds.

It’s good if you conduct some analysis of the market and the demands of the consumers. If people need this very medication made out of cannabis, it may be easier for you to obtain a license.

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What can you grow with a license?

Colombia tends to become a new market leader in a sphere of medical cannabis production (e.g. well-known best CBD cartridges). We have counted over 240 licenses that have been issued since 2015. Four types of licenses have been issued. One of them allows cultivating cannabis with non-psychoactive components like cannabidiol (CBD). Further products may be anything like a CBD vape cartridge or CBD Juul pods.

Another license type is issued for the legal use of seeds for crops. One more type is issued for cultivating cannabis that contains psychoactive components like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). And one more example will allow you to grow various derivatives of cannabis.

You can get one or several licenses at a time, depending on what you plan to do and how you will grow your business in the future. It’s good to consider if you plan to export any kind of plant or ready-made products. And don’t forget to prolong the license every five years.

Four license types in Colombia

Here are four license types that you can obtain in Colombia:

  • License for the Manufacturing of Cannabis Derivatives. Once you get this type of license, you receive the right to make products out of cannabis for domestic use. You can also organize a kind of scientific research but only domestically.
  • License for the use of Cannabis Seeds. With this type of license, you will be able to deal with cannabis seeds. Here we mean selling and distribution. You can also use seeds to organize different scientific research.
  • License for the Cultivation of Psychoactive Cannabis. You can obtain this type of license to have the right to crop, produce cannabis or its products (e.g. CBD prefilled cartridge). You can also make products for scientific research, storage, and disposal.
  • License for Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Cultivation. You can use this license for the same purposes as the previous ones with the only difference that seeds, plants, and products (e.g. cbd pods) do not contain any psychoactive compounds.

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