How To Successfully Reach Your Best Version?

Since these implicitly carry principles and values that can lead us to success in meeting our goals. The job of parents or caregivers is to transmit these habits and regulate them to children while they learn to regulate themselves and this implies instilling healthy lifestyle habits, so that when they are adults, they know how to regulate themselves, since they have adequately appropriated them, to be responsible people. and functional.

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If you want to become a better version of yourself, you must know different habits that develop skills such as Organization, time management, achievement of objectives, and meeting goals:

1. Do those activities that do not take more than 5 minutes a day, this will allow you to keep your space in order and optimize time. For example, making the bed takes no more than 5 minutes and inspires us to do more complex activities for the rest of the day. If you get used to doing those small tasks at home and in your workplace, which do not take more than 5 minutes, you will not accumulate work.

At home, for example, putting dirty clothes in their place, washing the dishes that you use, tidying up your desk, taking out the garbage, etc., leaving the wardrobe that you will use the next day ready at night, will allow you to have your home in order and this will allow you, in the medium term, not to generate accumulated disorder and optimize your time to achieve your goals.

At work, keep your work items organized and immediately evacuate everything possible. Putting your files in order on the computer will allow you better performance.

2. Exercise every day, this will help you be more active. Your physical condition will improve and your mood too.

3. Take active breaks and drink fluids, this will keep you hydrated and your brain will thank you.

4. Take time to live pleasant experiences, this allows you to recharge energy and revitalize yourself for a better physical, mental, and emotional performance. . A tired mind and a body with low vitality will prevent the fulfillment of your goals.

5. Learn to say no. When you feel like you don't have enough time or are overwhelmed with tasks, don't commit yourself to more than you can to please others. Prioritize.

6. Don't waste valuable time on social networks. Silence the notifications and dedicate what is strictly necessary to see news portals or messages in your moments of rest so you will not lose focus, attention, and concentration on what you are doing.

7. Stay motivated so that your performance improves. If you spend a few minutes at the end of the day to thank for 3 things that you managed to do or that happened to you, you will stay motivated and a motivated being is more productive.

8. Spend time with yourself. Dedicate 5 minutes to be alone and observe your thoughts and feelings to be aware of them, write them down, to at the end of the week take stock of what happened and take the appropriate corrective measures, in this way you will not fall into the same mistakes and you will potentiate what was favorable to you.

9. Do not look at your cell phone before 9 in the morning, start your day doing activities that generate benefits for you, have a proper breakfast, exercise, read, meditate, learn something new every day, and assign a time to review and answer messages.

10. Do not watch television, movies, or social networks before bed, this will hyperstimulate your brain and prevent you from falling asleep, this is part of implementing adequate sleep hygiene.

Organize your schedule by blocks of time, working deeply, by periods of 30 minutes, this will allow you to concentrate and optimize time. Increase tolerance to boredom, leaving aside the cell phone, television, or any external stimulus, this will allow you to

11. concentrate and finish your tasks in a shorter time. If the 30 minutes are too long for you, start implementing periods of deep work, of 15 minutes, until you reach the proposed goal. Superficial work times, that is, exposure to external stimuli, imply triple the time for the fulfillment of your work.

12. Eat a healthy diet, and eliminate the consumption of sugars and refined flour, and saturated fats, this will help not only to maintain your proper weight but will also improve your state of health, not only physical but also mental.

If you decide to be a better version of yourself, you must implement healthy lifestyle habits so that you can enjoy your life more. Good wind and good sea. Success in developing your best version.

"There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where they are going" Seneca.

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