iPhone 13: All About Apple’s “Ultimate Phone”

Apple's iPhone 13 Is the Biggest Novelty In Mobile Phones Of 2021.

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Year after year, they are one of the best-selling mobile phones, as they are the pioneers in incorporating different innovative features for the market. Photo: YT-Apple

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Every year, millions wait for Apple's new flagship launch, the iPhone. Year after year, they are one of the best-selling mobile phones, as they are the pioneers in incorporating different innovative features for the market.

Perhaps because of this, competing companies, such as Samsung or Xiaomi, are very attentive to each new creation. Well, as it happens every year, the iPhone 13 was recently announced. This 2021 model will seek to be Apple's "ultimate phone", since it will have the best performance in history. 

The company led by Tim Cook revealed, at the Apple Event 2021, that there will be 4 different versions for this new phone. In addition, as it happens every year, the prices of the other versions are reduced to be cheaper in relation to the new ones. Therefore, it can also be a good opportunity to acquire them. Let's see more about this.

iPhone 13: all the details

The new iPhone 13 incorporates different novelties. The first one is 5G, one of the technologies for which the guys from Cupertino are betting big. However, they also seek to solve one of the main problems of these devices: battery life. 

For example, in the iPhone 13 mini version there is an hour and a half more autonomy than in the iPhone 12 mini. In the case of the base version, that amount amounts to 2 and a half hours in relation to the iPhone 12. This occurs because the size of the batteries is much larger, which also causes changes in the weight of the phone.

The new cameras are also more professional than ever. They include a dynamic portrait mode for filming, that will allow you to record video and make the focus change between different objects. With this innovation, Apple seeks to start creating series, movies or documentaries with their mobiles. To know more, read iphone User Manuals.

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In terms of design, the notch of the previous model is reduced, while the cameras stand out much more. In terms of performance, the Apple A15 Bionic processor will seek to be 50% faster than all other models on the market. 

There are 4 different versions. In all cases, the front camera and the main sensor on the rear have 12 megapixels. What changes is the storage, the size of the screen and the number of rear sensors. The prices of each model are as follows:

  • iPhone 13 mini . It is the one with the lowest specifications. It has a 5.4-inch screen and a double rear camera. The 128GB version is worth $ 799. The 512GB model will be priced at $ 999.
  • iPhone 13. It is the base version. It has a 6.1-inch screen and a double rear camera. The 256GB version will cost $ 899. On the other hand, the 512 GB one will be at $ 1099.
  • iPhone 13 Pro. This version is superior to the basic one. It also has a 6.1-inch screen, although an extra sensor is added to the rear camera. The price of the 128GB version is $ 999. There are 3 more versions: 256GB ($ 1099), 512GB ($ 1299), and 1000GB ($ 1499).
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max. The most expensive and complete version. The screen is 6.7 inches and the rear camera has 3 sensors. The 128GB version is worth $ 1,099. It also includes 3 more versions: 256GB ($ 1,199), 412GB ($ 1,399), and 1000GB ($ 1,599).

As we've mentioned, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini will be worth $ 599 and $ 699, respectively, though only for the 64GB version. No settings were revealed for the higher storage ones, nor for the Pro or Pro Max models.

Sales were also announced on the iPhone 11. The 64GB version will be priced at $ 499, while the 128GB version will be $ 549. On the other hand, the iPhone SE, the cheapest version, will be at $ 399 for the 64GB model or $ 449 for the 128GB model.


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