Memes about Covid face masks

2020 brought a new garment to our wardrobe, the face mask and with it the memes that you can't miss.

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Covid 19 arrived this year and made life complicated for all of us, but some of fun has also brought, and they are the memes about masks or chinstraps. There is not a day that we do not find a meme about it.

Just as the great Patch Adams said "laughter is the best medicine", we want to bring a few laughs with our selection today.

We invite you to share them with your friends and have a good time with these memes.

This one must be a computer engineer

Still can't decide if this is lack of or to much imagination

I always forget it

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Even classic slasher movies have to be here

Diference between menand women

Sorry but I couldn't resist,  this one is just perfect

Finally  Santa is here

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