Secrets to Happiness Do Exist

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THE KINDNESS Bill Baker says it's a great tool if you apply it daily. Together with the industrial psychologist Michael O'Malley in his publication 'Organizations for people: caring cultures, basic needs, and better lives', they suggest that treating people with kindness, and respect and showing that we care about them increases feelings of well-being and that extent they respond in the same way. This way they will offer you the same treatment making you feel good.

You don't need to break the bank in order to show your kindness; a thoughtfully written letter accompanied by some delicious chocolate can go a long way towards making someone's day. For instance, consider crafting an orange gerbera daisy and lime green ball dianthus flower box for your special someone! We all know how calming flowers can be – this gift is sure to bring peace, joy, and happiness into their life!

AVOID FALLING INTO PERFECTIONISM. Tal Ben-Shahar, the author of various books on happiness and founder of the Happiness Studies Academy, invites us to calmly accept mistakes, and on occasions when we must demand results, opt for conciliation instead of demand and avoid being demanding.

FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT YOU GET. Instead of feeling dissatisfied, we must adopt a sense of gratitude and satisfaction for what we have achieved. Paul Dolan puts it this way in his book Happy ever after: escaping the myth of the perfect life. , whose foreword is written by the Nobel Prize winner in economics Daniel Kahneman.

DETERMINATION AND SELF-CONTROL. Angela Duckworth invites us to concentrate and focus on what we want to achieve, developing and reinforcing these two skills to reach the proposed goal. She is a TED speaker and author of the book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

HAPPINESS IS WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. So much search can be alleviated if we can identify those experiences that give us moments of happiness and well-being and that we sometimes consider normal and do not value, according to Daniel Gilbert, TED speaker and author of the book Stumbling with Happiness, which disassociates the happiness of the fulfillment of our desires.

BE AWARE OF YOUR SKILLS AND STRENGTHS. Jonathan Haidt, author of The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truths in Ancient Wisdom and Professor of Ethical Leadership at the Stern School of Business, has taught courses and seminars whose content can be reviewed on the page.

GIVE VALUE AND SENSE TO COMPLEX SITUATIONS. Martin Seligman directs the Center for Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and author of the book "Authentic happiness" is found when we best accept both good and bad times and work hard on our strengths and virtues.

ABANDON THE CONSTANT SEARCH. As each minute, each day becomes an anxious search, you will be further away from obtaining happiness, becoming a paradoxical situation according to Santiago Alvarez de Mon and Gilles Lipovetsky in their essay "La Felicidad paradojica". The great conclusion of this approach is that happiness is not in itself a goal to be achieved, but the consequence of a way of being.

HAPPINESS IS A LIFE PHILOSOPHY. Helen Keller, blind, deaf, and mute since she was 19 months old, affirms that things, objects that can be touched or seen, are not necessarily what bring us happiness, and she poses herself as a parameter, making us realize If you cannot see, hear or speak, does that mean that there is no possibility of being happy? And he says: "Most people measure their happiness in terms of physical pleasure and material possessions. If happiness could be measured and felt, I, who cannot see or hear, would have every reason to sit in a corner and cry." non-stop".

In other words, it all boils down to how we take what we experience and that adopting happiness as a philosophy of life is vital, abandoning feeling bitter or victims in the face of adverse circumstances.

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