Self-Image and the Importance of Knowing Your Worth

Self-image affects what we do, our behavior, and what we allow into our lives. Most of the time, this persona is something that we've cultivated, and it's not necessarily who we are.

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Self-image affects every aspect of someone's well-being. People with a positive self-image understand their inherent value and worth, and they know that it's okay to be different and stand out. They also believe they are capable of doing good things without being perfect. As proof of it, those with a positive self-image are more likely to take risks and succeed. If you feel good about yourself, you'll be able to make decisions that support your healthy development and overall well-being.

However, the self-image we create for ourselves is often fabricated to protect who we are because our true self couldn't be expressed when we were growing up. Consequently, our personality was formed from our family, culture, and schooling. But some people weren't accepted in those spaces, so they had to protect themselves by developing a persona.

The trouble starts when we believe we are that self-image that we created. If part of that persona makes you feel that if you stand out and shine your light, other people will become uncomfortable around you, you need to get rid of that mental barrier.

It will be hard for you to make it out there because you will feel like it's somehow totally wrong and against who you are. But the truth is that you want to get out there and make a difference. You have this desire to help others, and this dream you wish to express on who you are and what you have to give so those people can come to you.

There's nothing wrong with shining your light and being honest about what you can do, who you are, and what you have to be. If shining your light makes somebody else uncomfortable, that's the other person's problem. It's not up to you to make everybody you meet comfortable hiding who you are.


One of the ways that you can start to find out who you are is to look at the people you admire in your life. Pick three people, and then write down three qualities you admire about them. There might be qualities like compassion, confidence, and authenticity. Maybe those people are knowledgeable and organized. Put all the qualities you chose together and look at them because those qualities you admire in other people are qualities you have within yourself that you're not allowing to shine.

It's crucial to polish the mirror of the soul and get rid of all of that fake personality and those qualities of self-image that we believe are natural to us. Other people mirror who we are, so if we admire them or despise them, they reflect things about ourselves.

The things that you admire in others are qualities you have in yourself. The real you can shine underneath if you start to change how you view yourself.

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