Slips and Falls a Real Danger for Your Back and Body

When it comes to your spine, one of the most dangerous and most common personal injuries are those that result from slips and falls.

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There are many ways to sustain a personal injury. From auto collisions, to snake bites occurring on commercial property, to gunshot wounds, you name it, it’s a miracle Emergencies Rooms aren’t filled to capacity with personal injury sufferers on a daily basis. 

When it comes to your spine, one of the most dangerous and most common personal injuries are those that result from slips and falls. Says the experts at The Barnes Firm, injury attorneys, if you’ve recently experienced a slip and fall injury, you will want to seek out the best personal injury firm you can find. This means defining for yourself what “best” means. 

In other words, are you looking for a lawyer where payout is the first priority? Or are you looking for a lawyer who maintains a stellar reputation for winning their personal injury cases no matter the payout? Whatever the case, you will want to know how the lawyer wants to be paid, such as receiving a flat fee or a percentage of your settlement.   

According to a recent report by, if a slip and fall is bad enough, it can not only ruin your day, it can ruin your life. These accidents can happen anywhere at any time, and they are very scary in their suddenness. One second you are a perfectly normal functioning person, and the next, you’re paralyzed by a broken back. These accidents can all be painful and cost you millions in lost revenue.    

Finding a slip and fall lawyer for accident injuries that will result in your not being able to work is essential since you will need a settlement to make up for lost wages at the workplace. In fact, besides auto accidents, slip and falls are most common accidents that personal injury lawyers litigate in the U.S. 

However, a slip and fall is the cause of the injury. It’s not a type of injury. With this in mind, what are said to be the most common varieties of slips and falls? These accidents range from minor to so severe they can cause paralysis. Some of them are even fatal, especially when they involve slipping and falling down a staircase. 

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The Various Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries aren’t always externally visible to the naked eye which makes them difficult to prove in a legal case. It’s possible you might not even realize you have suffered a soft tissue injury until weeks after the accident. These can range from minor wrist sprains to ankle sprains, plus torn ligaments, and tendons.  

If left untreated, these injuries can cause you chronic pain and make you more susceptible to further injuries.  

Minor to Major Head Injuries

It doesn’t matter if you’ve received a minor head injury from a slip and fall, it is still considered a medical emergency. If you hit your head after falling and you experience a brief loss of consciousness, bleeding, and swelling, you must seek immediate medical care. 

A minor concussion can clear up on its own, but traumatic brain injuries or TBI, can alter your ability to function normally on a permanent basis. Head injuries are tricky since they can’t be diagnosed based on the external symptoms alone. Some head injuries only show minor symptoms initially. It doesn’t matter how fine you feel after hitting your head, you need to seek medical help immediately. 

Spinal Cord and Back Injuries

Injuries to the spin cord occur when the spine is either compressed or severed. Such injuries demand immediate medical care and can be life-threatening. They can also include costly ongoing treatment. Spine and back injuries end up being the most expensive slip and fall injuries to treat. They are said to cost upwards of one million dollars to treat in the first year alone. 

In general, the higher up the spinal cord the injury is said to be located, the more comprehensive the physical damage is going to be. A high cervical spinal cord injury will often result in quadriplegia or what’s known as full paralysis. 

Lower back injuries might only produce paraplegia or what’s know as paralysis of the lower limbs. A lower spine injury can also result in lesser, more mild symptoms, yet cause extensive pain for years to come. 

Again, if these back problems are the result of slip and fall accidents that occur at work or on privately owned property such as an apartment complex or shopping center, you need to seek out the advice of the most reputable personal injury attorney you can find. 

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