Social Pressure on the Right To Assume or Not Motherhood

Within the script that they socially wrote for women, there is an aspect that many people think without the slightest discretion and that is about motherhood and its advantages.

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Hence, when a woman openly expresses her desire not to be a mother, a series of qualifiers such as selfish, unnatural, and even morally incorrect come to light, and the typical question: Who will take care of you when you get older? Or the comment "you will change your mind when you mature."

All this generates unnecessary pressure on women that can even trigger emotional problems because they feel strange, maladjusted or generate beliefs related to not being able to have a family if they do not want to have children.

Each decision has its pros and cons and today I want to share with you the benefits perceived by those who have chosen not to have children:

You will be less stressed

A study from Princeton University and Stony Brook University found “very little difference” between life satisfaction for people with and without children. What was relevant was that parents tend to experience more emotional fluctuations. Just as they can experience enormous joys with children, they tend to be stressed by present risks and anxious about future dangers, generating more stress and negative emotions than those who do not have children.

You will have a lower carbon footprint

For every child a woman gives birth to, her lifetime emissions increase 5.7 times.


You will be the owner of your time

You can choose what time you get up on the weekend or what activities to dedicate your free time to.

You are the center of your life

It will surely open people who believe that this is a selfish reason, but it is real, motherhood is the maximum delivery you have the responsibility to shape a life, and not having this commitment allows you to be freer.

You will be able to give an extra boost to your career or entrepreneurship without feeling guilty

Being able to dedicate yourself to what you love passionately without feeling restless about not sharing with your children is one of the most relevant aspects.

I am sure that you can be very happy, leave a legacy, and love unconditionally even if you decide not to have children in your life. The key is to be able to make this decision with a cool head and a warm heart, whether for or against, consciously and autonomously choosing how you want to live the great adventure of life.

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