Spotify just launched a new playlist for your pet

The Swedish platform announced on January 15th that the personalized music reproduction service could help relax your pet when alone.

Puppy lying on a cushion listening spotify.

Puppy lying on a cushion listening spotify. / Photo: Unsplash

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If you have a pet there is a big chance you feel terrible every time you leave home and leave them alone. And even if you want, there is nothing you can do to change that. 

This is why on January 15th, the Swedish platform Spotify announced the launch of a personalized music reproduction service for animals and a podcast to relax pets left alone at home. 

As read on Infobae, when pets are alone at home they get separation anxiety, one of the most common problems in both animals and owners. This is why, in order to create this tool, Spotify conducted a study in Spain, the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. 

The results suggested that 70% of the owners of a pet consider it relevant to take care of their emotional health. Also, eight out of ten people in the study believed that their pet liked music and 46% of them considered that this art can help reduce their stress.

"Pet Playlist allows Spotify users to generate custom playlists based on the owners' musical tastes, the type of animal and their character," said Spotify in a statement. "For example, an energetic dog could get a playlist with moving songs and a fearful cat might prefer slower tempos”. 

At the moment the service allows us to create playlists for five types of animals: dog, cat, hamster, bird, and iguana.

All you have to do is give details about your animal: is he nervous, shy, sociable? By giving the platform information of your pet´s character and personality traits, the app will choose the best type of music to put on the playlist. 

According to Infobae, this great function was discovered through a series of reverse engineering processes in the web version of the application by the specialist Jane Manchun Wong.

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Spotify also launched a podcast in the United Kingdom to "keep company" and "help de-stress dogs left alone at home." 

The episodes begin with an hour of direct messages to reassure the pet after the departure of his master followed by relaxing music and original sound compositions.

“I know you are going to have such a relaxing and enjoyable time right here,” actress Jessica Raine says in one episode according to the New York Post. “And I’m already looking forward to getting back home and giving you a big cuddle.”

As read on CNN, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the UK's largest animal welfare charity, showed its support to the podcast but warned that nothing could "ever replace the company and presence" of a dog's owner.

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