The craziest hairstyles in the history of soccer

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Hairstyles have been a way for soccer players to define an identity look and to differentiate themselves from others. Here we show you the craziest

The craziest hairstyles in the history of soccer

In most sports, a uniform is used that makes players equal and differentiates the teams. It is not surprising, then, that soccer players and athletes, in general, use other strategies outside clothing to have an identity look that differentiates them from their colleagues and to set trends. This is the case, for example, of tattoos: an identity mark, with meaning or not, is an adornment for the body that creates a look around a sports figure. This is also the case of hairstyles: players use their hair to have their own look on the outside of the uniform. Maybe that is why on the field we see so many crazy and risky hairstyles. Here we show some of the most curious and those we remember the most.

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Ronaldo, Brazil


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Perhaps the most memorable hairstyles in the history of soccer is that of former striker Ronaldo. For the 2002 World Cup, the Brazilian soccer players came with an unconventional hairstyle that consisted of having almost all the head shaved except for the front, almost reaching the forehead in a nail shape. Many mocked his hairstyle, but the player always wore it with pride.

David Luiz, Brazil


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We return to Brazil. Maybe this is not the weirdest hairstyle of all, but we include it in the list because of his reason to have it. David Luiz has repeatedly said in interviews that his characteristic afro blond looks like a tribute to one of the soccer players he most admires: Pibe Valderrama, the Colombian soccer legend.


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Giovanni Simeone, Argentina


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Giovanni Simeone is now a Fiorentina striker, but that was not always the case. In 2013, when he was only 18 years old and was still recognized as 'the son of Cholo Simeone', he made his football debut with River Plate. To make him feel welcome, his teammates made him a strange haircut with which he had to go out on training. The hairstyle was, so to speak, contrary to that of Ronaldo: shaved up and with long hair behind. His hair grew fast and he has never had to wear that haircut again since then.

Marouane Fellaini, Belgium


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The Belgian midfielder often wears an afro not so long or bulging. However, last year it was surprised when he spread in networks a hairstyle that he enjoys making: picks his afro in two tails at the top of his head that make him look like Mickey Mouse. Once again, many laughed at the soccer player, but he proudly shows off the versatility of his haircut on his Instagram account, in which he shares photos of himself with different hairstyles.

David Beckham, England


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This look, again, will not be the weirdest, but we include it for how iconic it was. David Beckham has always been a fashion icon in soccer and has marked trends and fashions within soccer players. One could assign him the creation of the tendency to cover his arms in tattoos. Besides being genuinely interested in fashion, Beckham went through many looks and hairstyles throughout his career. Hairstyles, some more controversial than others, that children around the world imitated to look like their idol. For this list we have chosen his 2003 look: his blond hair braided from the root. Perhaps Beckham's most risky look, being the cute child of soccer, was this one. The reader will judge whether the player left or not victorious.

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