Tips to survive the complicated moving day

Moving day, the culmination of the entire moving process is approaching near and if you are planning to handle this day with ease then you have jumped just at the right place.

Zahoor ul Hassan

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The organization is always the key to success to have a smooth and easier moving process. Though the moving day is not easy using a moving checklist available at can help. It is one of the most complicated process you will ever undergo. However, if you plan then you will have less stress. These tips could help you: 

  • Checklist for shifting day: To avoid any complications on moving day you need to prepare a checklist of the things that are to be done on that particular day. And then follow it for the entire day so that you don't miss out on any task or overlap them. Also, wake up on time and then pick up comfortable clothing like a loose t-shirt and track pants to carry the activities such as packing and lifting things with ease. Also, assign a particular timeframe to all the tasks and try to complete this time within that timeframe.

  • Separate the essential items: For a stress-free moving process, separate the essential items such as important documents, medications, ornaments, keys of your new apartment, etc, that you should carry by yourself in separate boxes or bags as per your convenience. No one wants to lose these valuables, so to secure the same pack them appropriately as well as carry them safely. Don’t load all these things with all other home belongings to keep these secure and protected. 

  • Ensure the safety of everyone: Nobody wants to get hurt and on the day of shifting, heavy stuff has to be lifted and loaded which can cause an injury. Therefore, to avoid these injuries, proper precautions need to be taken. One can lay mats on the floor which are anti-slippery. Also, remove the obstacles from the path which the movers will use to carry away the stuff out from the house. And check that pets and children are not harmed during the loading of the stuff.

  • Pack the remaining items: Before moving out, pack the remaining items that were used by you at night before the moving day and on a moving day. Seal the boxes properly and put a label on them indicating the name of stuff packed in them, respectively. You will also need some items instantly after shifting, so pack those items in a separate box and label that box accordingly. You should pack the items for at least one day because it would not be feasible for you to open all the boxes when you reach there. 

  • Maintenance of the old house: To avoid any kind of extra charges levied by your current homeowner on the day of the relocation, make sure you maintain your old house properly. When loading the items into the moving truck, there are chances that it could damage the floor or walls or any other part of the home. You must use the proper security equipment that helps in loading the items with complete security without damaging your current home. You can also give it a cleaning and if there is any damage, then get the repair done. Also, handle the keys of the apartment to the owner after locking all the doors of the same before moving out.

  • Confirm with the local movers: On a moving day, confirm the time when the movers will arrive at your place to shift your possessions to the new house so that you can keep everything ready before their arrival. Have some spare packing materials for last time packing and some refreshments ready for the movers in case they feel to have it. Staying in connection with the movers will make you feel relaxed on a moving day. 

  • Get all the contacts ready: During the day of the relocation, there is a need to stay in connection with the moving professionals and in case of any emergency you might need to contact your loved ones. So, keep your contact list ready for the day. 

  • Keep all the electronic items charged: Don’t forget to charge all the electronic items that you might need like your tablet, laptop, phones, and so on. 

  • Check everything before you leave: When you are ready to leave then it is time to check everything before you lock the doors. Check no item is left there and ensure that you have packed all your items. 

  • Don’t forget to take the keys of your new house: Just imagine the scenario that you have reach there and you don’t have the keys. Just the thought might have puzzled you so don’t forget to collect the keys. 

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Bottom line:

Moving day is the most complicated day in the entire process. There are many challenges of a local move but they can be easily over come when you follow the right approach. Stay organized and have a proper checklist ready in your hands to avoid confusion and to do the tasks without any stress. 


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