4 essential Apps that every traveler should have

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Know these 4 apps that are essential for every traveler at the time of undertaking their destination

4 essential Apps that every traveler should have

When traveling to a country or a city, one of the challenges that arise is knowing where to start the tour, where can you taste the best of gastronomy, where are the historical sites or how to get to a place. That's why there are Apps designed for travelers, which facilitate these and other activities. Here we show you the 4 apps that will help you with these setbacks so you can enjoy the trip without any mishap.

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Available for iOS and Android, this application consists of showing the planning of the public transport service: buses, ferries, subways, trains, etc; the place where you are, the time and departure of the service, itineraries, the maps of the stops and stations, in addition to the transport used to reach a destination.

It is the most widely used public transport application in the world; It is present in 80 countries, 2,000 cities and available in 44 languages. Currently, the App has more than 140 million users.


This new application will make the trips to museums or monuments more striking, due to the fact that while touring the place you can go shielding the audio guide in the language you want, the history, relevant data and explanations of the place. In addition to the museums, it also has audioguide of the city, to explore and explore how a local; It even offers the option to make your own audio guides and upload them to the platform.

The application is available for iOS and Android, it does not require an internet connection to listen to audio guides. It's that easy to have in your pocket all the art, culture and history of a place while you travel.

It's time to say goodbye to the tour guides and tour the city at your leisure.

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iTranslate Translator

The indispensable App for all travelers.

This application, available for iOS and Android, breaks with the language barrier, since it translates more than 100 languages, allowing travelers to travel abroad without inconvenience of knowing the language, because it will help them to understand and understand what they are told, because the App translates from text to a conversation in real time with a person, thanks to its voice translation system.


If you are a traveler who likes to discover and enjoy foreign cuisine, this App offers a unique experience to enjoy the local gastronomy of the place, served by its own citizens, in their homes.

Enjoy an elegant dinner in a French house or a rich 100% homemade pasta, with the traditional Italian recipe, served by an Italian host on the terrace of his house; where the guest is the one who selects the dish he wants to try.

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You can book from lunches, brunches, dinners, snacks, picnics or snacks. The application is available in more than 130 countries with 5,000 culinary experiences and can be downloaded on iOS and Android.


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