5 travel trends that will mark 2019

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A study conducted by the Dutch company revealed the traveling trends for 2019

5 travel trends that will mark 2019

The Travel Predictions study, conducted by the Dutch company, analyzed more than 163 million comments and consulted 21,500 travelers from 29 countries to mark the traveling trends for 2019.

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1. Meaninful travel: according to the newspaper El Colombiano, when choosing a destination, travelers will reflect more to add meaning to their travels and encourage personal development. This is why 2019 will be a year in which people will want to learn something new or work as volunteers.

In the case of Colombia, according to El Espectador, 88% of travelers will consider participating in cultural exchanges to learn a new skill and 80% of respondents said they are interested in trying international practices.

2. Importance of social networks: it is obvious that technology has changed the habits of tourism and, according to the research of, 2019 is the year in which the digital influencers of tourism will increase, which will focus on creating genuine, honest and useful content instead of presenting false or inaccessible images.

According to Adriana Mantilla, Country Manager of for Colombia, travelers are seeing in tourism a potential opportunity to make a living. "33% of travelers aspire to become influencers or travel bloggers, instead of having a traditional full-time job," commented the Booking spokesperson.

3. Travel to space?: NASA will begin to build in 2019 a space station on the Moon whose launch date will be in 2022. This is why the survey conducted by shows that four out of ten passengers in the world (40%) say they are excited about the idea of traveling to space in the future and 38% are open to try the experience firsthand.

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4. Apps as key tools: in 2019, technological innovations will be judged according to the "facility" that they provide to the travel sector. That is, those that can offer practical solutions to travelers.

El Espectador reveals that in terms of technology, 80% of Colombians surveyed show greater interest in applications that can track baggage in real time or a single one for all planning, booking and travel needs.

In addition, according to the Booking report, more than half of the respondents (54%) would love to see technological innovations such as guided digital tours, which would offer them a fully customized experience.

5. Short trips: microtourism will be another strong trend for 2019. In fact, more than half of the travelers in the world (53%) say they plan to travel more during the weekends of 2019.

Pepijn Rijvers, President of Marketing at comments: "2019 is going to be an exciting year to travel. With the technological advances, an increasingly connected world and the desire to live the best travel experiences, we are prepared for revolutionary developments and we are going to take the world of travel to unexplored lands. With the mission of making the world available to everyone, constantly learns and innovates and we have never been so excited to be the epicenter of this fascinating sector."

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