7 indispensable accessories for traveling

Discover which are the most useful accessories when traveling, and why they should not be missing in the luggage of every traveler

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Discover which are the most useful accessories when traveling, and why they should not be missing in the luggage of every traveler

7 indispensable accessories for traveling

When traveling, you always want to carry in your luggage what is truly important and there are certain accessories that are essential for every traveler. Many people tend to overlook when packing, even though they are so necessary, here we bring you the list with the most important ones.

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1. A universal adapter

The traveler Pilar Allely, in her blog called Travelers to travel, assures that having a universal adapter when traveling is more important than it seems, she even mentions it as the most essential accessory, because not all countries use the Same type of plug.

So having one of these avoids complications in order to charge the battery of the technological equipment, to connect electric appliances that serve to fix the hair, shavers and other items of this kind that are usually carried in the suitcase.

2. A good camera

For those who like to have memories of their trips in photos and videos, Allely indicates that having a good camera is essential. You will not regret having an "all terrain" equipment that can be used to take pictures and make videos with excellent quality, while you wear them in helmets, diving masks and for any extreme activity. So do not hesitate to pack the right camera to capture the moments you want in each traveling adventure.

3. Waterproof bag

A waterproof bag is another indispensable accessory that travelers should have. For the blogger, these are the ideal type of bags for practically any trip, because they provide comfort, they have enough capacity, they are more resistant and they protect from the humidity everything that is carried inside. All its advantages make it the perfect bag to carry throughout the trip.

4. Neck pillow

Allely also comments that the pillow for the neck is the best ally to sleep comfortably during the whole journey. Every traveler should have one of these pillows for each adventure, because it allows them to fall asleep when desired and avoid suffering from neck pains, which can bother for days.

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5. Smart luggage lock

Another indispensable accessory mentioned by the travel blogger, América Castro, in his blog Escapes por el mundo , is the smart padlock. In 2019 it is considered as a wonder by travelers, because it provides security to suitcases and does not require keys, since it works with Bluetooth connected directly to the mobile.

With this type of padlock you need to install an application on the phone to open it, and with this accessory it is also possible to track the location of the suitcase, which makes it more innovative and useful to keep belongings safe. It is a padlock that comes with USB cable to recharge your battery, and it is also waterproof.

6. First aid kit

For Castro, a smart traveler is always prepared with a first aid kit and because of its importance is one of the essential accessories for any trip. This type of kit is useful when you have mishaps during the trip, since they have what is necessary to disinfect, heal and cover wounds, to make an elastic bandage according to different situations and others. The best thing is that they are very complete and having one saves a lot of money.

7. Water protector for cameras and phones

If you do not want your phone or camera to get wet while you are doing water activities on the trip, you should not forget to bring special protectors for these equipment. Castro points out that there are many reasons why they should not be missing in the suitcase, but the main one is because they prevent accidents that can cause a bad time during the trip.

So every time you make a trip, keep in mind that these essential accessories are included in the suitcase, you will see how they make the trip more pleasant and without inconveniences that could spoil or interrupt the plans you have anywhere in the world.


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