Best Time of the Year To Go to Florida Keys

The Florida Keys undoubtedly have lovely views and numerous fun activities any tourist would enjoy.

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Depending on the fun and experience you are looking forward to on these small islands, a visit in the wrong time of the year can leave your trip fantasy unfulfilled.

It is also worth noting that there is no free camping in the Florida Keys. This, however, does not deprive people of a memorable camping experience because it is very easy to get a formal campground in Florida Keys.

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Best times to visit the Florida Keys

There is no single answer to this, even though some experts recommend visiting during the winter.

The perfect time of the year for each individual is best determined by the kind of fun anticipated.

Likewise, the part of this archipelago you will be visiting should also be considered. Florida Keys consists of hundreds of islands (referred to as keys) measuring about 120 square miles.

The temperature at the keys averages 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some of the popular keys include:

  • Key Largo

Key Largo is usually recommended for adventurous couples. You will have the chance to experience the Key Largo Original Music Festival if you visit in May.
Visiting between December and March is perfect for tourists who will prefer a temperature that is not above normal while enjoying the beach and other activities.
The hotel rates are affordable between June and November if you can endure the hot summer temperature and hurricanes.

Self-proclaimed as the Dive Capital of the World, some things you can do at Key Largo include visiting the John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park, Everglades National Park, and Fishing Charter.

  • Key West

Key West is usually busy during the winter; thus, the high cost of things. Meanwhile, hotel rates are cheaper between March and May.
Except they are on your bucket list, be sure to avoid visiting during special events like the Key West Pride, held in June and Fantasy Fest, held in October, because it is always crowdy and pricy.
Some of the top things to do on the island include sailing, snorkeling and visiting notable places like the Audubon House & Tropical Gardens, the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, and West Martello Tower.

  • Marathon Key

Marathon Key is warmest in July and coolest in January. Rainfall is frequent in August. Flights and hotels are affordable from June to September.

It is an excellent place for family traveling with small kids. Some interesting things to do here include visiting the Turtle Hospital, the Dolphin Research Institute, and Sombrero Beach.

  • Islamorada

This is the favorite island in the Florida Keys for fishing enthusiasts. For people who would prefer a nice time on the beach, mid-March to mid-May and late October to late November are good times to visit.

Islamorada is busiest in March. If you are planning to visit at this time of the year, be prepared to spend more as the prices of hotels and flights would be expensive. They are affordable in November.
Some of the exciting things to do in Islamorada include the History of Diving Museum, Eco Tours and Kayaking, feeding Tarpon at Robbie's Marina and enjoying a quiet swim at Anne's Beach.

  • Bahia Honda Key

The Bahia Honda State Park, which spans about 524-acre occupies most of this island. If you are targeting the best beach weather, visit in March, April, May and December.

There are other fun activities near the island. The Bahia Honda Bridge is worth checking out. You can also enjoy kayaking on Little Bahia Honda Island.

  • Duck Key

For warm weather, January is the perfect time to visit Duck Key. The temperature at this time averages about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
Some outdoor activities you can enjoy on the island include boating, diving and fishing.

  • Lower Matacumbe Key

The Lower Matacumbe Key is an island in the Florida Keys with a rich history. On the island, you can find several Indian mounds and middens destroyed during the construction of the Overseas Railroad.

It is also popular among early seafaring men for its abundance of fresh water. There are many natural wells located there.
It is okay to visit from late April to early June and November to mid-December as the risk of a hurricane is significantly reduced during this period.

  • Stock Island

This island is not fondly called fish Stock Island for no reason. It is the home of various fish species. If you are visiting for the experience of fishing, June through November is a reasonable period for best catches.
Do not delay if you are looking at catching bonefish. They are best caught in June through August. For barracuda, visit between December and April.

  • Big Pine Key

Do not visit Big Pine Key in August because the weather is typically hot at this time and would significantly discourage you from spending much time outdoors. February, March and December are good months to target.

  • Tavernier

The island is famous for its water sports and scuba diving. Tourists can comfortably enjoy the beach view here, just like in many parts of the Florida Keys.
Tavernier is busiest in January, February, and March. The cost of flight and hotel rates are usually high at this time.

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