Can I Return to the United States after Traveling to Mexico during Covid-19?

The Mexican government has advised that the risk of contracting Covid-19 is very low, but it is still recommended to be cautious.

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The Mexican government has advised that the risk of contracting Covid-19 is very low, but it is still recommended to be cautious. If you are traveling for business or pleasure to Mexico during Covid-19, then you should know what steps you need to take before returning home. This blog post will help answer your questions about travel restrictions and how they may affect your trip back to the United States.

What Is The Coronavirus Situation In Mexico?

The Mexican government has taken all of the appropriate measures to ensure that Covid-19 is contained. The World Health Organization (WHO), in conjunction with Mexico authorities, have been monitoring the situation in Mexico since the first local case was identified in the country at the start of 2020. This includes travelers who may be sick or infectious as well as those who are not showing any symptoms at all. At one moment in time, the situation was really bad in Mexico which has led to almost 300000 deaths in the country as a result of the pandemic. However as the authorities have started to become more knowledgeable about the disease and the vaccinations being rolled out, the situations has come slightly under control. The COVID situation is getting better and almost 50% of the population is already vaccination whereas the target set by the Mexican authorities is 75% that would help them reach herd immunity. However that is just the target set for now. The ultimate target for each country is to get all of their citizens vaccinated. No matter the case, Mexican authorities have done pretty well for their country in trying to make itself a better and safer place for travel. So it is totally safe for US citizens to travel to Mexico. You can apply for the tourist visa at

Can I Face Problems in Returning to the US after my Visit to Mexico

Whether you are a US citizen, a Mexican national or another person trying to travel from Mexico to the US, you will have to follow the rules and guidelines set by the US Government and the CDC. So you have to familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines before you travel to Mexico. This will be necessary if you want to enjoy a smooth travelling experience. First and foremost you should care about your health and the health of others. SO only travel if you feel healthy and fit. Do not take any risks. Then be sure about the rules and guidelines related to COVID for entering into Mexico. 

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Check If Your Vaccine Is Approved By the Mexican Government

See if your vaccination is approved by the Mexican government. If it is an approved one then you are good to go. However before you head to Mexico, also take precautionary measure. See if you have medical insurance that could help you in Mexico in case you test positive in Mexico. You will not be allowed to enter back in to the United States without providing a proof of negative COVID result. And getting admitted in a hospital due to COVID in a foreign country can be very costly so think positive but also take precautionary measures before traveling.

In addition to that make sure you know about all the necessary requirement for entering into the US during the pandemic. Even as a US citizen you will have to follow the rules and guidelines in order to keep your fellow US citizens safe. So if you are not following any of the guidelines you can face a lot of issues while retuning back to the country. 

Passengers from US and Mexico should Both Follow the Travel Guidelines

The longer the COVID pandemic continues, we can see more and more cases of COVID in different countries. So it is very important for every individual to follow all rules and regulation set by their respective country, stay healthy before travelling and make sure they get vaccinated with approved vaccination if there are any available at the time of travel. Make sure you know about your status before heading back to US after traveling during Covid-19.

The US Government has international travel easy for its citizen and there is a lot of support to people stranded in other countries however there is still a limit to what they can do for their citizens. So if you are not careful you might get stranded in the foreign country.

Do I Have To Stay In Quarantine If I Travel Back To the US after A Visit to Mexico?

You do not have to necessarily quarantine in the US if you are retuning back from Mexico. The US government did have some quarantine rules for certain countries, however these rules have become slightly lenient after so many people all over the world became vaccinated. If you are travelling back to the US from Mexico then the way the authorities would deal with you will depend on the state you land in. As there are certain rules that are imposed by the Federal US government and then there are other rules and regulations related to the Coronavirus that each individual state imposes on travelers and their residents. So you have to be familiar with both the US federal law on Coronavirus and the state law where you are going to land and stay. 

Will You Need To Get a Negative COVID Test When You Are Returning To the US?

Yes, you will need to get a COVID test done by a respected authority. You cannot enter back into US from Mexico without a proof of negative COVID result. And if your COVID status is positive then you have to go through medical treatment or quarantine before entering back in USA for further procedure and tests. These rules are same for all passengers irrespective of their citizenship status i.e. (whether they are US citizens or not).

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