Cheap Latin American cities for small budget travelers

Here's a list of amazing Latin American cities where expats can enjoy a comfortable life while living on a strict budget

Cheap Latin American cities for small budget travelers

Latin America is known for its scenic beauty, exotic wildlife, and abundant flora and fauna, but also for its rich cultural heritage, incredible architecture, and world- renowned culinary scene.

Due to its unique appeal each year, more Europeans and North Americans decide to relocate to the region either for short- term assignments or for long- term. A study released in 2015 by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) shows that since 2010 more citizens have emigrated from the European Union to LAC than the other way around.

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According to IOM in 2012, 181,166 EU nationals moved to Latin America and the Caribbean while only 119,000 LAC citizens have relocated to the European Union. On the other hand, despite the fact that North Americans are moving less compared to past decades, they still top the list of most mobile nations. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average North American changes his residence more than 11 times in his lifetime.

As we live in an Age of Mobility and LAC remains a region with great appeal for foreigners, the percentage of foreign born citizens who have decided to make Latin America and the Caribbean their home has increased steadily over the past decade. On grounds of this shift, we have decided to create a list with some Budget Friendly Latin American cities where living comes with a relatively cheap price tag.

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1. Cali, Colombia. For those who love salsa dancing, the tropical climate and emblematic historic architecture, Cali might be the answer. Considered by many, the cheapest of the big cities in Colombia, foreigners flock to Cali with the intention of starting a new life in this attractive place. Numbeo estimates that a 1- bedroom apartment in the city center can cost around $ 203.44 dollars  while further away from downtown, the price tag will be around $ 184.86 dollars. Supplementary expenses will also be kept at a minimum as most products and services come at a reasonable price.

2. La Paz, Bolivia. The highest capital in the world is situated at an elevation of 3,500 meters and is famous for its scenic beauty. The best way to take in the picturesque views is by riding the Mi Teleferico. The costs of living are relatively low and an estimation from Numbeo shows that the average renting price for a 1- bedroom apartment located downtown runs around $ 336.81 dollars, while a meal in an inexpensive restaurant is around $ 3.62 dollars. La Paz is a favorite with European tourists.

3. Quito, Ecuador. The city that enjoys a spring- like weather all year is not only famous for being situated at 2,850 meters above sea level or for having a splendid colonial downtown, but also for being a budget friendly destination for expats. According to Numbeo, the rent for a 1- bedroom apartment downtown runs around $ 453.95 dollars while outside the city center, the same apartment is roughly $ 294.44 dollars. Public transportation, meals, and private entertainment come at a fraction of what one would pay in the EU or US.

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4. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. One of the oldest cities in the Caribbean is also a world famous destination acclaimed for its beautiful Colonial area (Zona Colonial). Numbeo estimates that travelers require around $ 7.06 dollars for a meal in a regular restaurant, $ 0.50 dollars for a one- way ticket on local transportation and $ 310.96 dollars a month for a 1- bedroom apartment downtown.

5. San Jose, Costa Rica: Compared to the other contestants on our list, San Jose does not come that cheap but foreigners love the Tico lifestyle and the pura vida attitude so much that spending a little more might seem for many as a good option. Considered a relatively safe city where foreigners can enjoy a carefree life, San Jose attracts each year more lovers of the eco- friendly and green lifestyle. According to Numbeo, the price for a 1- bedroom apartment runs between $421.26 dollars and $ 542.52 dollars depending on the location. 


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