Costa Rica: 10 natural wonders that you should know

Costa Rica has always been a country recognized for its natural diversity and for the number of tourists it attracts annually

Costa Rica: 10 natural wonders that you should know

Costa Rica is one of the most joyful and beautiful countries in Latin America. Not only does it have immaculate beaches, but it also has multiple natural parks and an incredible climate. In fact, when thinking of this country, places like the Tortuguero National Park and the city of Monteverde come to mind.

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However, there are many other little-known sites that "stand out for their valuable natural and historical heritage," according to ABC. In LatinAmerican Post we present you some of these beautiful natural wonders that are worth knowing, that demonstrate the touristic importance of the country and the stunning natural diversity it has.

Llanos del Cortés Waterfalls

It is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica because it has an exuberant vegetation that is framed in a waterfall of approximately 30 meters high.


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Whale Marine National Park

The beach owes its name to its whale tail shape. It is a protected area that is characterized by its beautiful coastal landscape. This park "is recognized nationally and internationally for the annual visitation of different species of cetaceans, such as the humpback whale, the pilot whale, the Bryde's whale, and false killer whales".

This is explained by La Nación, which then adds that, in addition, "three resident species of dolphins (bottlenose, spotted and spinner) and several species of sea turtles such as hawksbill, green and olive" meet here.

Baulas Marine National Park

This wonderful place is located in the province of Guanacaste and is important because it is there where the leatherback sea turtle species lay their eggs. According to La Nación, this is a species that "is in serious risk of extinction due to the destruction of its habitat and massive fishing at sea with longlines and nets".


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Cerro Buena Vista

Also known as Cerro de la Muerte (peak of death), this is an ideal place for hiking and bird watching. This is because there you can find multiple species of birds of different colors and sizes.

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Nauyaca Waterfalls

Also known as "del Santo Cristo or Don Lulo", this is a tourist site located in the southern part of Costa Rica that is characterized by its majestic natural beauty and by a large number of activities that can be developed here.

According to the website Nauyaca Waterfalls Costa Rica, "it is the ideal place for those who seek tranquility and nature, as well as for lovers of adventure and emotions".

Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge

This beautiful place is located in the northern area of Costa Rica. In 1991 it was named "Wetland of International Importance" and is currently considered the third most important wetland in the world.

It is a protected area due to its wide biological diversity and is especially attractive for those who enjoy bird watching since you can find around 200 different species.


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Bajo del Toro Amarillo Waterfall

It is a private reserve located in the downtown area of Costa Rica, which draws special attention to the waterfall. According to ABC, "this is one of the most impressive in the country because it is in an ancient volcanic crater, it measures 90 meters and is formed by the union of three rivers: the Toro Amarillo River, the Desagüe River, and the Agrio River."


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Tenorio National Park

According to Costa Rica Natural Parks, this wonderful park has great attractions such as "a series of peaks, domes, and volcanic craters, it has hot springs (with temperatures up to 94 ° C) and bubbling pails; a turquoise blue river and waterfall (Río Celeste), an area of Teñideros and the blue lagoon."

It is ideal for those who seek a space of relaxation and contemplation because the majesty and beauty of this place make it become an immense work of art.


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The Orosi Valley

This valley has a great natural beauty, framed by majestic mountains. In the center of the town of Orosi, you can find buildings of great patrimonial importance such as the Church and the Colonial Museum, which were built in 1743 by Franciscan missionaries.

Canton of Osa

In this archaeological site is the National Museum. This is a place where the past of the country is explained through huge pre-Columbian spheres, which were elaborated in an organized way since 500 AD. C. to 1500 d. C. approximately.

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