Do You Know What Is the Current Trend in Tourism for Women?

In recent years, the trend of women-only travel has begun to gain momentum. Let's see what this innovative proposal is all about.

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More and more women are deciding to venture alone or accompanied to visit new places on the planet. It is a trend known as female tourism, where the idea is to be able to vacation somewhere on the planet, spending free time with other people of the same sex, without the need to vacation alone.

Although many women go on trips without the company of other women, the truth is that the offer of certain tourist companies, which have emerged in recent years, generates that they meet each other and become great friends. Even those who do not buy these tourist packages know that wherever they go, they will always find a female companion to meet.

This is a tourism trend, which can include pre-booked activities, that emerged when natural-born female travelers realized that the traditional tourism market was not meeting demand. The explanation is simple: more and more women are achieving economic independence, which allows them to travel without a husband or family. Let's see more about this.

Women's Tourism

The first thing to say is that women, historically, have always been more relevant. A study by Women Travel Expert revealed that, when traveling with other men, 80% of them make the decisions regarding the trip: the stay, the expenses, and even the tourist activities. In many cases, they do not receive the same interest from their male companions.

This new way of traveling responds to the role that women are playing in society: free and empowered. Many businesswomen, entrepreneurs, or simple workers who, in the absence of boyfriends, decide to travel on their own or with a package where they will be with other women, with the aim of living a 100% female experience.


It doesn't matter if they have a partner or a family: they know they want to live a personal experience, away from their husbands or their children. The trip is seen as a kind of spiritual adventure, as a personal satisfaction to rest after so many months of work, without having to take care of other people. In other words, they are looking for a moment of intimacy, but also to socialize with other women in similar situations. 

The new travel agencies, which have grown by 230%, according to Forbes, create packages tailored to a 21st-century woman. They are all independent and want to enjoy life in a different way. When women travel alone or with other women they meet along the way, they experience it as a journey into themselves, discovering who they really are.  

Age is not an impediment to travel: quite the contrary. The new female tourism companies organize packages where they put together trips according to certain tastes. For example, those who love going out to discos will probably be in the same group, since the activities will be related to nightlife.

Those who, on the other hand, prefer a more dedicated approach to excursions, will have the option of filtering their stay to be with women who are looking for the same experience. This doesn't mean that, for example, older women cannot travel with younger women: if they share the same tastes, there will be no problem for them to be part of the adventure.

Even female tourism can also be done autonomously, as we have mentioned. Traveling alone can be an enriching experience for the soul, but that doesn't mean that wherever you go, you can't meet other women in the same situation and make friends with them.

Another alternative is to join other groups of friends, who have also gone out on their own. Female tourism also includes those who decide to go on expeditions in a group 100% composed of women, so it does not mean that you will always have to go on your own and without knowing anyone.

In short, women's tourism is revolutionizing the industry and travel companies are well aware of it. Whether you want to tour local towns or you want an adventure abroad, you should know that there are options on the market for you to have a sensational experience. If you prefer to go on your own, you can do it by yourself or with your friends, it will be spectacular!

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