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Asia is a continent where every time you jump a border, things change dramatically: languages, religions, and food become more different.

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There are endless opportunities to learn and evolve, but the kindness of Asians will always make you feel at home. These are the most attractive destinations to travel or live in Asia.


Cultivated and historic, exotic in the tropics, Thailand radiates the golden hue of its glittering temples and tropical beaches. With a long coastline and hundreds of islands crowned by jungle, Thailand is a classic tropical getaway. Everywhere, life spills onto the street. Gleaming temples and golden Buddha frame the landscape.

If it's so popular for travel, imagine how wonderful it would be to live there. Thailand is a kaleidoscope of contrasts: it enchants and assails the senses at the same time. It is this contrast between the old and the new, the energetic and the serene, that makes foreigners always want to return.


Japan is the tenth-largest country by population. The country is mainly made up of four main islands: Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Japan is a highly developed country.

The country is full of delicious food for around a thousand yen and has many affordable accommodations. Japan is a food lover's paradise and the cuisine is incredibly varied, from simple soba to ramen. Getting around Japan is relatively easy, thanks to the country's highly developed transportation network. The spirit of the country is strong, warm, and welcoming.

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South Korea

Divided by a fearsome border, the Korean Peninsula offers the traveler a dazzling array of experiences, beautiful scenery, and 5,000 years of culture and history. South Korea is a dream destination and an inviting and welcoming place where a bow balances the benefits of a high-tech nation for tradition.

The country's compact size and excellent transportation infrastructure mean that tranquility can be found within reach of urban centers. Transportation in South Korea is reasonably priced and efficient. Trains are clean and fast, and buses go to every corner of the country. The Korean peninsula is a perfect mix of modernity and tradition: the south, a combination of brilliant technology, ancient temples, and quirky art towns.


Ancient but current, familiar but unrecognizable, apparently urban but essentially rural. China is a land of fascinating contradictions. The country is modernizing at a dizzying pace, but slippery skyscrapers, Lamborghini showrooms, and maglev trains are just the icing on the cake.

The oldest continuous civilization in the world has a rich history that sets the country apart from anywhere else. The train and bus network is extensive, national and air routes are abundant. Cars can be rented in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macau for local use. With dilapidated chunks of the Great Wall, mysterious things, traditional villages, and fascinating ethnic borderlands, China is home to one of the oldest and most remarkable civilizations in the world.

Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and China are renowned for their quality of life and excellent academic standards. Any of these countries is a perfect place to move on your own or start a family where the security and the beautiful landscapes will make you feel at home.

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