Love is in the air! 5 romantic destinations in Latin America

Although the most recognized international Valentine’s Day is February 14, for some Latin American countries the most special celebration is in September.

Views of Tulum (Mexico), Huilo Huilo (Chile) and Cartagena (Colombia)

Views of Tulum (Mexico), Huilo Huilo (Chile) and Cartagena (Colombia). / Reference Image / Pixabay

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And since we are in the long-awaited month of love and friendship, and the weekend of celebration is coming, what better way to enjoy a romantic and dreamy trip with your partner? For some, the perfect destination may be the beach while for others it may be a hidden cabin in the mountains. Regardless, what is worth is quality time.

Therefore, here are some places in Latin America where you will surely have an unforgettable time with your partner.

1. Tulum, Mexico

If your perfect definition of romanticism includes a beach and a turquoise blue sea, Tulum may be one of the most aphrodisiac places you will find. Loaded with history and mysticism, this place has endless hotels where you can enjoy tranquility and privacy. In addition, the biodiversity it offers, coupled with the imposing cenotes are the perfect place to escape from reality.

2. Huilo Huilo – Patagonian Forest, Chile

In the south of the world, one of the most impressive biological reserves in the middle of the Patagonian jungle is also a perfect place to escape with your partner. Being surrounded by trees will make you feel in a fairy tale.

You can stay in the Magic Mountain: rooms located inside what looks like a mountain from which water falls and connects with a bridge that looks like a movie, or in a cabin. Whatever you want, you will have time with your partner immersed in one of the most imposing forests in the world.

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3. Cartagena, Colombia

There is no specific corner to go to when visiting this city, because every corner of this walled city, and full of colors, is the perfect place to enjoy as a couple.


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From the highest cuisine to the most beautiful squares, Cartagena has become one of the favorite places to spend quality time with that special person.

4. Baños, Ecuador

This city, located at the foot of an active volcano, is a tourist attraction in general for its wide variety of activities. Therefore, if your perfect escape plan includes all kinds of plans, in Baños you will not lose a minute of action. Obviously, without neglecting romanticism.

It is a town full of crafts, biodiversity, waterfalls, extreme activities and, most importantly for your romantic trip, a variety of hotels with all the comforts and hot springs. This plan is definitely for adventurous couples.

5. The alley of the kiss – Guanajuato, Mexico

In general, Mexico is full of romantic villages where you can walk hand in hand and you will find unique corners. But Guanajuato, in addition to having cobbled streets, postcard corners and colorful houses, has perhaps the most romantic corner in Latin America: the kissing corner.

Almost like the balcony of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, Italy, this narrow corner tells the legend of two lovers who had a forbidden love. Thanks to this, the place has a mystical air in which couples who visit even ask current residents to visit the balcony and kiss their partner from the other side of the small alley.

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