New Trends: 5 Destinations to Travel in 2022

These destinations have become a trend in an era still marked by the effects of the pandemic on tourism. We recommend 5 destinations to travel in 2022.

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We bring you a list of five destinations that will be a trend in 2022 and that, therefore, will be requested by travelers. Photo: Pixabay

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The pandemic transformed the way we interact, travel is not exempt from this dynamic. The tourism industry is committed to a more open 2022 with more turists. The trends for next year are closely linked to the global situation, this has allowed us to create this list of five destinations that will be a trend in 2022 and that, therefore, will be requested by travelers. Have you already planned your next trip?

Trends for tourism in 2022

With advanced vaccination in much of the world, travelers are increasingly encouraged to leave their countries, this is good news for tourism. Destinations such as Mexico, which did not establish any restrictions throughout the pandemic, could have a rapid reactivation of tourism. Today Cancun has recovered and exceeded the levels prior to the pandemic in the period January September 2021, according to information from the state tourism authority. Other destinations, such as Canada or Argentina, restricted access to tourists for more than a year, so their recovery will be different.

The trends for next year in tourism will continue mainly related to health protocols, access to tourist sites with a limited number of people will be the norm, so tickets will be scarce in several important places. Instead, the flexibility for reservations and flights has become more open, many users lost reservations and flights in 2020 amid the pandemic, but now the industry seeks to gain the confidence of the traveler by guaranteeing the possibility of making changes or canceling at no cost.

Contactless travel will be a must, ecotourism will be a trend, especially in remote places. If crowds are the problem, then get away from them. Travel with family and friends to distant places will help generate better experiences, a very relevant element in tourism at this time, after the loss of family or friends, renewing ties with those around us will be something that travelers seek. In this same line is religious tourism, which makes sense in full contingency.

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Five recommendations for visit in 2022

Argentine Patagonia

If there is a country that maintained restrictions for almost more than a year, it was Argentina, just last November they received tourism again. One of the places that have been promoted the most is the Patagonia region, the extreme south of the continent. Its low population density, remote regions and countless landscapes make it a perfect destination as it has the Safe Travels certification from the World Travel and Tourism Council, in addition to its strict protocols.


With an official death toll from Covid of just 614 people, the emirate is positioned as an attractive destination just for that fact. However, the celebration of the FIFA World Cup 2022 is also added, which will take place between November and December. The facilities that tourists will have in a Muslim country with traditional restrictions will be an attraction to get to know it while enjoying the warm waters of the Persian sea.

New Zealand

This country in Oceania was taken as an example of an almost perfect contingency management, being insular nation made it easier to close their borders fast and that allowed the virus to go almost unnoticed. Now the country is ready to reopen to global tourism. According to Europa Press, New Zealanders will receive vaccinated visitors from April 2022, a destination that will undoubtedly attract attention for its landscapes and for its effective handling of the pandemic, a safe place that tourists will seek. You can take the opportunity to get to know the Cook Islands, listed in the first place by Lonely Planet as one of the main places to visit in 2022.

Algarve, Portugal

The southern part of Portugal bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean is one of the most interesting destinations for 2022. The European country seeks to recover from the restrictions of the last two years. The objective during the Holy Week 2022 (to be celebrated in April) so religious tourism in the country is one of its recovery bets, especially for the beaches of the Algarve, perfect for those who suffered strict confinement and who need to freely sunbathe again.


A little known country when compared to the tourist powers of the continent such as Mexico, the United States or Peru that monopolize visitors. Nonetheless, the country appears on Lonely Planet's list as a top destination for 2022. Its attractions for ecotourism, jungles, archaeological sites and the beaches of the Caribbean make it an ideal place to get away from the world and live with nature. Adventure tourism and its natural sanctuaries are perfect for de-stressing and disconnecting from reality to live, at least for a few moments, in a world without a pandemic.


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