Saint Lucia or Antigua Second Citizenship: Which One to Choose for Business?

Businessmen are looking at the many tropical islands that offer such options. In order to get a second passport from such states, a number of requirements must be explored.

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Many people are considering dual citizenship to make doing business easier. Businessmen are looking at the many tropical islands that offer such options. In order to get a second passport from such states, a number of requirements must be explored.


Caribbean islands have always attracted picturesque landscapes, favorable climate and safety. They are rightly considered a paradise place for recreation and entertainment. Businessmen consider them from the point of view of business activity. That is why they are interested in St Lucia citizenship by investment. Zlata Erlach, an expert of Immigrant Invest, will tell you about its peculiarities. The certifying document of this state is interesting because it increases the efficiency of business.

Saint Lucia citizenship program

This Caribbean state has been issuing identity documents for injecting funds into the economy since 2015. Foreigners can contribute to the prosperity of economic activities. Interestingly, the economy depends on tourism, agriculture, fishing and infusions. It is for this reason that the St Lucia citizenship program will come in handy for those businessmen who have decided to get another passport.


The naturalization process takes three to four months. For this procedure, according to the legislation, applicants need to do the following:

  • deposit 100,000 dollars in the National Economic Fund;

  • purchase real estate worth $200,000

  • secure an equity stake in a business – $1,000,000 to $3,500,000;

  • buy securities of the state from 300,000 dollars.

For the specified time foreigners are naturalized in the Caribbean island state, thanks to which they can take advantage of all the benefits.


If a foreigner has managed to acquire St Lucia citizenship by investment, he is eligible for:

  • unrestricted visit to 140 countries;

  • favorable tax policy;

  • quality medical services;

  • exemption from income taxes worldwide.

The Caribbean island passport opens a lot of opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs. But to doing business and other advantages, you can also enjoy the excellent climate on the island.

Antigua's citizenship program

Such a state consists of three islands, characterized by good beaches with sparkling white sand and turquoise waters. Many people consider this place for surfing, diving and other options for active vacation. However, more serious businessmen are considering Antigua citizenship, which opens up great prospects.

In the country since 2012 there is a special scheme for foreigners, allows you to get a passport for financing economic projects. There are several good options for foreign businessmen. The implementation of these programs will allow you to obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment.


The mentioned program assumes the following varieties of investments for the award of passport:

  • 100,000 dollars in a one-time charitable contribution to the National Development Fund;

  •  purchase of real estate or its shares for $200,000;

  • investment in a business – $400,000 to $1,500,000 in matching shares;

  • a $150,000 donation to the University of the West Indies Foundation.

The application can be done remotely, and a passport can be received within three to four months. Applicants will have to spend 5 days in the country during the 5 years of citizenship.


Antigua's citizenship by investment provides the following opportunities:

  • relaxed taxation conditions;

  • unrestricted entry to 140 countries;

  • good climate;

  • safety;

  • quality medicine.

The main thing for obtaining such benefits is quite an acceptable price for naturalization.

Programs comparison

Each of these schemes has similarities and differences. What they have in common is the possibility of quick remote processing, passport issuance in 3–4 months, visa-free travel to countries, no language and residence requirements. The programs of both Caribbean states bribe with tax policy. Entrepreneurs will not have to pay capital gains fees or other taxes that are available in other countries.

There are also differences in these schemes. These include the requirements for staying in the country and the amount of investment required to obtain a civilian passport. It is also worth looking into the requirements for including family, dependents and other close relatives in the naturalization application.

Final provisions

Second citizenship in the Caribbean islands is everything a foreigner with free capital can dream of. In addition to a favorable climate and excellent entertainment infrastructure, the island states are famous for investment and tax attractiveness, which provides active business and the opportunity to visit more than 140 countries without a visa.

Everyone can make a comparison between the programs and choose the most suitable option. Each scheme is good in its own way, so it is best to contact specialists who will advise you on the best approach to obtaining citizenship, taking into account your preferences and financial possibilities. You can apply for a passport remotely.

Be smart and choose the best program option to get the most benefits. If you still have doubts, it is better to seek help from specialists.


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