Solo Trips: A Must-Do Experience for Mothers

Being a mom is not easy. For this reason, taking time just for you may change your world. Even if it's only a few days, solo trips without your husband and kids can be an excellent opportunity to take a break.

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Kelly Kosch is a family vlogger and the mom of three kids. One day, she decided to spend three weeks on the road camping and visiting some of her friends. She found her solo adventure so inspiring that Kelly suggested other moms go on solo trips without their kids and husbands.

The family vlogger camped herself in the woods and at the beach. To do so, she started setting aside a little money every month to go on a journey by herself.

Even if it's only a few days, camping, or staying in a hotel, solo travel for moms can be a life-changing experience. Kelly drove between St. Louis and The East Coast. During that time, the vlogger learned some important things about herself:

1. Learning To Relax

Kelly reveals that for decades she always put the needs of others ahead of her own ones. Consequently, she felt exhausted and didn't have the time to relax or focus on herself. When all the responsibilities of her family surround Kelly, she admits: "I think I'm relaxed, but there's always an underlying tension." Traveling allowed her to relax and find peace.

2. Breaking the Routine

Not having a mother and a wife's daily responsibilities during her solo trip was very comforting for Kelly. Finally, she was able to have some space to relax and listen to herself. The vlogger points out, "I've never had so much quiet in my whole life."

By breaking the routine, Kelly found new hobbies, including a couple of podcasts and audiobooks that now she is looking forward to listening to in the car during her next road trip.


3. Listening to Yourself

The vlogger says that you will be able to listen to your thoughts and realize how you feel. By traveling alone for Kelly, that made all the difference. As a passionate fan of self-improvement, she realized that she needed a break from what others thought to hear what she thought and felt during this time. To be truly present with herself and her emotions gave her a lot of strength.

4. Enjoying Your Family More

Although some people judge a mother for "leaving behind" their family to go on a trip a couple of days, the truth is that this space allows women to miss and appreciate their children more. Once she came back from her adventure, Kelly claims that she could see her family in a whole new way.

After releasing her feelings, focusing on herself, using the time to relax, and knowing herself better, the vlogger encourages her viewers to do the same and remember that before being mothers, women are human beings. Another thing that Kelly points out is that visiting her friends and family without her kids allowed her to feel less stressed and worried.

She could genuinely connect with other people without being distracted by what her kids needed or what they might be doing. Taking time for a solo adventure should be an experience that every mother turns into a habit at least once a year.

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