The 5 most beautiful and striking lakes on the planet

We cannot travel due to the pandemic, but we can enjoy images and videos of some wonders of nature

View of Peyto Lake in Canada.

Find out which are the most striking lakes on the planet. / Photo: Pixabay

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The coronavirus pandemic substantially modified the idea of travel. According to what La Nación mentions, the world “will not be the same” once the quarantine is over, affecting the way in which we have been able to enjoy world tourism and discover the wonders of the world.

Waiting for what could happen with the passing of the weeks, we decided to make a compilation of the best and most incredible lakes on the planet. Basically, you will find places with a lot of water, but with some peculiar designs and details, which will make you doubt if they really exist.

1. Peyto Lake, Canada

We start with one of the most beautiful lakes in all of America, since we notice, with just a glance, that it has a distinctive component. The Infobae website mentions that it is "a must-see for any nature enthusiast".

There are plenty of reasons, but the main thing is its relaxing shade of turquoise. It is a place where you could calmly take pictures to frame. It will look like a work of art!

2. Lake Irazú, Costa Rica

This is a truly interesting lake since it is located at more than 3,000 meters of altitude, with a beautiful emerald green tone that makes it completely distinctive.

However, according to what the website of Diario Extra de Costa Rica highlights, it is also notorious that the color changes according to what happens in the place, oscillating between blue and greenish tones. An interesting fact: it is located on a volcano that has not erupted since 1963.

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3. Great Prismatic Fountain, United States

In the United States we find a beautiful lake, where we see that the waters seem to be surrounded by a kind of extremely beautiful rainbow. This phenomenon occurs due to the appearance of some bacteria found on the shore.

In addition, we are talking about an extremely hot place, since it is considered a "hot spring" location. However, the appeal is in the composition, which will allow you to take a photograph that seems edited by professionals, although it is totally real.

4. Hillier Lake, Australia

This lake has really beautiful colors that seem to come out of a science fiction movie. The hue of this Australian lake is an extremely eye-catching bubblegum pink.

At about 600 meters long and 200 meters wide, many wonder the reasons for this tone. According to the specialized website Sofa Science, the characteristic color is due to the saturation of salt. This generates the proliferation of some bacteria, which gives it a fascinating aesthetic.

5. The Red Lagoon, Chile

According to what the Biobio Chile website mentions, the most accepted scientific explanation for the peculiar tone of this lake is due to the "microscopic algae that adapt to the conditions of the place".

It has really hot water, reaching 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. In addition, it is located about 3700 meters above sea level.

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