The best glamping destinations in Latin America

If you want to get closer to nature without leaving behind the comforts of the city, here you can find several options from Chile to Mexico

The best glamping destinations in Latin America

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The term "glamping" was formed by the combination between the words glamor and camping; this new trend is an accommodation in which you can enjoy beautiful natural environments, such as parks, forests and gardens, with the comfort of beds, whirlpool baths, wood stoves and saunas, among others.

There are different types of glamping, such as wooden cabins, tree houses, jungle or forest, shops, train cars, igloos, dome houses and small houses that are always in contact with the nature.

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According to the media Portafolio, El Tiempo and the Diario de León, Mr. Talal Benjelloun, director of two of the leading platforms in five-star camping reserves Glamping Hub and Mundo Glamping, explained that this trend "emerged as a need for new travelers they look for unique experiences in natural environments and are a little fed up with conventional accommodations, but at the same time, they are not willing to put aside comfort", because many people who love nature can not stand extreme temperatures or sleep on uncomfortable surfaces. Latin America is one of the best tourist destinations to camp thanks to its magic, history, gastronomy, and nature; this is why the glamping trend is growing in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico.

Some of the most beautiful places to camp with comfort and glamor in Latin America are:

Patagonia Camp, Chile

It is found in Chilean Patagonia; It is the first luxury camp in South America and its architecture fully respects nature, because in the design is handled the concept of "yurts", which are traditional nomadic houses of circular shape, which have a transparent central dome that allows users see the stars and the rain, which produces an intimate contact with nature.

Glampling "Pueblo Barrancas", Uruguay

This camp is located east of Montevideo and due to its proximity to the Atlantic beaches allows activities such as kitesurfing and surfing, as well as paragliding and paragliding classes. His designs are totally ecological and for its construction it was not necessary to use machinery, because very light materials were used.

Niddo, Colombia

This project is located in Suesca, Cundinamarca. There users can stay in tents known as "bell tents" because of their bell shape, these beautiful "rooms" have large beds, heater, permanent electric power and an annex tipi in which a traditional toilet with its respective sink and a hot shower.

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Glamping "Alterra", Argentina

This luxury camp is located in Pinamar and unlike other camps of this type, its "rooms" were made with recycled containers, which have all the amenities to spend a sustainable and eco-friendly family vacation. Silvana Spina, one of the owners of this project explained to the newspaper La Nación that these accommodations "are sustainable homes, they were conditioned inside with 100% recycled materials: the containers were brought from the port of Buenos Aires, the insulating panels are made With materials reconstituted from discards, the lights are of low consumption, and when the installation of the containers was designed, we thought of how to accommodate them so that no tree would have to be thrown away."

Glamping Mangarito, Brazil

It is located in Iporanga; It is one of the preferred accommodations of visitors because it can perform activities such as hiking, also offers spa services and each of the rooms has air conditioning, minibar, TV and private bathroom with shower and hairdryer.

Cabañas Cuatrocuatros, Mexico

This camp site is located in the municipality of Ensenada Baja California, in front of the town of Tigre. The complex is a set of 19 cabins located between vineyards, mountains and sea, its architecture and building materials are completely ecological and users can enjoy activities ranging from contemplation to extreme sports.


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