The commandments to find cheap flights on these holidays

Do you want to travel cheaply? Take into account some recommendations so that you can find cheap flights on this vacation.

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The end of the year arrives and the beginning of another, a time in which many take the opportunity to travel, for various reasons, but mainly because Christmas is coming, there are holidays for some in their studies or at work, there are family reunions for the holidays. Whatever the reason, the pocket will appreciate all the savings that can be made when taking those paths. Finding cheap flights to make the economy work is a challenge, and, at the same time, a necessity for many travelers.

The first basic recommendation that we find is to buy tickets or air tickets well in advance. Valora Analitik, the information and economic analysis portal found that various studies indicate that an adequate time to obtain the best prices on international flights is two months in advance, and if it is about national routes, the best option is to buy tickets two weeks before. In addition, they point out that the best day to buy is usually Tuesday. Of course, other portals such as Air Advisor, which ensures that passengers' rights and compensation are known, indicate that there are good offers between Monday and Wednesday.

More Commandments To Travel Cheap

Another important point that must be taken into account when looking for flight reservations, in addition to the anticipation and the day, is the time at which the purchase is made. In this case, Air Advisor recommends that the search be done after midnight, at which time the best prices will be obtained. So we have the anticipation, the day, and the time as factors that play an important role when it comes to getting low prices. To these should be added the day was chosen to travel, and, likewise, the date of return. It is advisable to come across cheaper values that you choose as the day of your trip and return between Tuesday and Thursday, since on weekends, from Friday to Sunday, that value tends to increase.

If you are traveling alone or with your partner, another usual piece of advice from the portals dedicated to the life of tourism, as Semana magazine points out, is to travel lightly with luggage since airlines tend to charge more for luggage to be carried in the hold so that it is better to take only hand luggage. The standard for these, regularly, as indicated by Iberia, is that they do not exceed 40 x 30 x 15 cm, in measurements and have a maximum weight of 6 kg.

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And At The Time Of Payment

The travel expert portal points out that care should be taken when paying with credit cards, but if the management of fees is intelligent, it can be a viable alternative. For example, doing it in a single installment saves you interest. If you cannot do so, make sure that your debt does not exceed the number of months that you will work until your next vacation. Likewise, this website shows a series of cards to top up and move money abroad that do not charge commissions for currency exchange, which is very useful for making payments in a foreign currency.

Other aspects to take into account, which will be very practical for you to find cheap flights and make the most of your travel economy, is to be registered and follow the best-known web portals to track and get cheaper air tickets, for this you can check at the following recommended pages: Skyscanner, Despegar, Kiwi, Kayak, among others. Also, among other useful tips to save money that you should take into account is opting for low-cost airlines to save more on your flight, leaving flexible travel dates, planning connections, changing the return airport, as well as flights with more stopovers tend to have cheaper prices. This is a route to save a few pesos on airfare when traveling.

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