There’s more than tango in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is one of the most diverse cities in the world and an ongoing tourist hotspot, here are 5 things you can do while visiting

There's more than tango in Buenos Aires

With trendy bars, cool art galleries and a vivacious architectural mix. In a city that never sleeps or disappoints, it's easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees, so here is my personal less-touristy activity list.

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1. Tango lessons
Nothing says Buenos Aires more than tango!
The city has hundreds of places where beginners can enjoy their first dance lessons while also improving their Spanish or meeting locals. Experienced dancers should try the traditional tango neighborhoods (San Telmo, Abasto) where travel agencies and hotels offer several proposals and exciting packages.

Buenos Aires also has tango-themed hotels like Tango de Mayo Hotel (which is a beautiful Art Nouveau building where guests will discover that the tango theme is incorporated in every detail) or Mansión Dandi Royal Boutique Hotel which offers lodgers, free tango lessons in its own tango academy.

Additionally, each Monday from 5 PM, teachers Antonio Buezas, Norberto Vazquez and Adriana Rossi at Fundacion Tango Argentino (Avenida Córdoba 5942. Linea B, Estación Dorrego) offer free lessons for beginners.

2. Wine tasting
Locals love their wines almost as much as they love asado, tango and milonga; thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Buenos Aires offers its very own wine tasting tours. If a trip to Mendoza and the Malbec lands is not in the cards, a wine tasting tour in Palermo might be a reasonable consolation prize.
The Malbec Trail of Palermo offers customized lessons (in English) at reasonable pricing. As expected, the wine tasting is complemented by some exciting company.

3. Polo classes
Polo is one of the most popular sports in Argentina. Partly due to the horse culture but also because of the popularity of the game and the high number of players, polo has become a widespread sport. In Argentina, polo belongs to the masses not to an exclusive, elitist club and everyone is encouraged to give it a try.

There are numerous tours offered in both Spanish and English, which cater to the needs of international riders. For beginners, there’s the option of seeing a Polo match or having a beginners lesson and for the more advanced, there are day trips at estancias outside Buenos Aires, where they can improve their skills and play against experienced polo instructors.

At Argentina Polo Day tourists and guests can choose between polo history lessons, riding classes, polo games and of course a very local barbeque lunch (asado).

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4. Argentine cooking classes

If you enjoy alfajores and empanadas as much as locals do, perhaps taking some cooking classes with a local chef, might be the best option for you.
Argentine Cooking Classes is a program offered by Norma for food lovers or those who want to learn the secrets of classic Argentine dishes. The classes take place in Norma’s kitchen and the fun and crazy laughs are included. This course might easily become the highlight of every Buenos Aires trip.

5. Graffiti tour
Buenos Aires is a leading force when it comes to street art and numerous foreign artists left their mark on the dilapidated buildings and abandoned walls. Additionally, the homegrown talent receives the support of both public and local authorities. Some of South America’s most spectacular street canvas are to be found in the Argentine metropolis.
Graffiti Mundo offers 2 and 3 hours walking tours through some of the most popular neighbourhoods. Prices range between US $20 to US $35.


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