This Is a Travel Plan for a Very Special Christmas Experience

Traditional and also daring, travel to these wonderful holiday destinations that will surprise you!.

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Regardless of beliefs about Christmas, it is a celebration that spans almost the entire world. The northern hemisphere monopolizes the Christmas landscapes, but in the south, there are also interesting traditions. If you are ready to travel, we recommend 10 fantastic places you can visit this Christmas season, from the most traditional to some out of the ordinary that will impress you.

1. Lapland, Finland, the Hometown of Santa Claus

Lapland is definitely a fairy tale place, first, it is the home of Santa Claus, when we say the North Pole we actually mean his home in Lapland. It is a huge region, practically the whole of northern Finland, so the activities are endless. In the Rovaniemi village, you can visit Santa Claus and his reindeer, you can know the arctic cuisine or get on a sled pulled by dogs, a great adventure.

2. Bethlehem, Palestine

This is a mythical place, where little Jesus is believed to have been born. In the Church of the Nativity, the celebrations are concentrated every year. It is also a historical place for its ancient architecture of up to two thousand years. An impressive place with great symbolism for Christians.

3. Moscow, the Peculiar Russian Christmas

Russian Christmas is celebrated in the tradition of the Orthodox Catholic Church, which is governed by the Julian calendar and not the Gregorian. This results in a curious change of dates. However, Russian Christmas is one of the most colorful and traditional due to its beautiful snowy landscapes and its traditions that mix paganism, the imperial culture of the Tsars, the Soviet era, and the influence of Europe. It is a wonderful place to experience the Christmas spirit.

4. Japan and the Christmas Illuminations

If you are looking for something as a couple and something less religious then visit Japan. In the land of the rising sun, Christmas does not have a religious connotation, it is an imported celebration that is usually lived as a couple or with friends. One of the biggest attractions is the Christmas Illuminations that show the talent of the Japanese to decorate.


5. New York, New York!

One of the most iconic places in the world for this season. The cold landscapes, the big stores of New York, and the great tree of Rockefeller Center are some of the wonders of Christmas. Also, you can't miss the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square.

6. Rio’s Floating Christmas Tree

If you don't like the cold, Brazil awaits you with open arms. The traditional floating Christmas tree of Rio de Janeiro is exceeded year after year breaking records. How about a Christmas on the beach and with samba? If you love the sun and the sand then the bay of Rio is the best place which you can receive 2022.

7. Chignahuapan, Mexico and Its Tradition of Christmas Spheres

In Puebla, near Mexico City, is Chignahuapan, a magical town known for its beautiful colonial architecture and especially for the manufacture of glass Christmas spheres. Year after year millions of spheres made by artisans are sold, these adorn Christmas trees from as far away as the Vatican.

8. The Amazing Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland is a place from another world, most of the time it is a cold place, but in the Christmas season, it becomes the perfect place to observe the wonderful Northern Lights. The colors in the sky added to the unique landscapes of the country make it an exciting place, perfect for those who prefer a Christmas in nature away from the crowds.

9. The Coptic Christmas, an Egyptian Tradition

Another curious place, Egypt experiences Christmas in its own way. The Coptic Church keeps Catholic traditions alive in a predominantly Muslim country. It is an interesting place to experience Christmas with a tradition as old as Christianity.

10. The Bright London Christmas

Christmas in England has a special atmosphere due to the traditions of royalty. Decorations, dinners, and customs are centuries old, London is a magical place full of lights. You can walk its streets imagining the settings of Charles Dickens's Christmas Carol and end the year with the beautiful fireworks display on the River Thames.

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