Top 5 destinations to show off on Instagram

Three of these places are in South America and they are amazing

5 destinations that will make your Instagram look like another world

It is said that each region of the world has its own magic that makes it unique. However, some places on the planet seem like portals to other dimensions or recreated scenarios of parallel universes. Visiting them will help us understand the diversity and immensity of our planet, and why not, convert an Instagram feed IGNORE INTO the envy of many conventional travelers.

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For those who are willing to make adventures with extensive tours through arid lands and look for surrealist scenarios, the east of Madagascar is the ideal destination. There, the Tsingy de Bemaraha Integral Nature Reserve marvels the senses with its gigantic limestone formations that seem shaped by still unknown deities. This unique geography in the poses was the reason for UNESCO to declare the place as a universal heritage.



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More known but no less impressive are also in Morondova, Madagascar the popular Baobabs. A few trees with broad trunks and limited foliage, whose figure resembles that of an inverted tree, as if exhibiting its roots at the top and hiding its foliage under the earth.



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Mahabalipuram, India

Thousands of tourists are attracted every year by the culture and the explosive Hindu gastronomy. However, there is a small town in southern India that has a very particular natural attraction. It is a monolith 5 meters wide and 250 tons that for thousands of years has mysteriously balanced on a rocky mountain defying the laws of gravity. The huge circular rock is considered by locals as the "butterball" of the god Krishna and is widely visited by those who consider it proof of the mysteries, magic, and miracles that surround the planet.



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Maras, Peru

Leaving aside the majestic Machu Picchu, in the west of Cuzco in a small town called Maras, there is a sacred Inca valley that houses multiple evaporated salt ponds, which naturally have generated for centuries a kind of white stairs that they look like landscapes of Jupiter or Neptune.

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Glacier Gray, Chile

As if it were a sculpture on a huge scale, in the extreme south of Chilean Patagonia is the Gray glacier. A frozen show where the walls of ice rise up to 16 meters and the blue of the valleys transport visitors to a frozen world.



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Atacama, Chile

A totally opposite but equally amazing scenario is also found in Chile. As explained by many experts, Atacama is considered the driest and most uninhabitable area in the world and the fragments of meteorites found there have helped the scientific community to trace the beginning of the Big Bang. For many specialists, Atacama is a piece of Saturn on Earth and visiting it should be one of the purposes for those who find exciting the origin of the universe.



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