Travel apps for your next Latin American adventure

Check these apps out before booking your next Latin American trip

Travel apps for your next Latin American adventure

Discovering the beautiful Latin American sights is always a fun experience, but sometimes even the most experienced travelers will encounter region specific issues. Wouldn’t you feel more relaxed if you knew that there are region specific mobile apps destined for those who are embarking on their first or latest Latin American adventure?

From cool hangouts, great restaurants, crazy nightlife, chicest hotels, top bars and pubs, and the best sights in town, everything is included in the following mobile apps. So, forget your boring city guide at home and give these apps a try.

South America SMART Guide by Edutainment Ventures LLC. This app is perfect for those who are not too familiar with the region. South America SMART offers facts and accurate information that is (generally) known by locals and more experienced travelers. It has over 7,000 elements of South America, featuring the following categories: art and history, carnivals and festivals, spiritual sanctuaries, nature, wildlife, transportation hubs and routes, flora, fauna, sports, and facts. Users are encouraged to contribute and send in their own information.

Central America Travel Guide. If you are tired of carrying around heavy book guides but don’t want to miss any important sights in Central America, an app similar to this travel guide is perfect for you. Central America Travel Guide can be accessed even offline and it highlights city tips, nightlife, shopping areas, commuting, and safety tips. The digital map comes with interactive points of interest like hotels, bars, restaurants, museums, and hospitals.

Triposa is an offline, free travel guide that delivers fantastic recommendations, which will simplify the process of browsing through hundreds of travel blogs and websites. The app has city maps, local tips, and personalized proposals.

SMART Traveler. US travelers will enjoy the app created by the US Department of State as it comes with updated travel advisories. This app advises travelers about potential safety risks, offering country- to- country guides. It also includes important information regarding visa requirements, local legislation and special circumstances, and particular facts regarding health and transportation.

Country specific guides by Triposo. Colombia Travel Guide. This guide offers well-researched information about major cities like: Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena, and some additional data on less- known Colombian places.
The city guide features a sightseeing and dining section, which includes bars, pubs, and restaurants. Travelers do not require internet connection for this guide as the information is available even offline. The same type of guide is offered by Triposo, even for Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia.

TripIt: Travel Organizer. This mobile app can be used for all upcoming trips. It is similar to an all encompassing organizer, which keeps all your travel information, flights, rentals, passwords and bookings in one place. TripIt helps you keep track of your important travel information even when you are offline and the best thing is that it also offers flight alerts, transportation options, and of course maps for your upcoming holiday. This app is a great choice for business travelers and frequent flyers or everyone who loves digital organizers. 


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