Traveling with crypto? know 5 agencies that accept this currency

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Find here 5 tourism sector initiatives that incorporated digital currencies as a payment form to improve their services

Traveling with crypto? 5 agencies that accept this currency

Over the years, more and more sectors have been discovered in which things does the Blockchain technology allows processes to be optimized. The tourism industry, for example, was very quick to realize the enormous potential that applying the digital economy has in its exchange with travelers.

Whether you book a flight, pay hotel bills or buy food, with cryptocurrencies you can have all these advantages as it is a safe currency. That is why here we collect five tourism sector initiatives that incorporated digital currencies as a form of payment to improve their services:

1. Expedia, one of the most recognized travel agencies in the world accepts cryptocurrency payments since 2014. Although it is not entirely clear how many reservations are paid with Bitcoin through the Expedia platform, it is certain that the agency has expanded their horizons by allowing their users to pay with digital currency, which keeps it among the best.

According to the newspaper Coin Crispy, Expedia works in conjunction with the renowned exchange house, Coinbase. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that the transaction must be made in less than 10 minutes due to changes in the Bitcoin price.

2. Garbarino, an Argentine travel agency, is one of the South American initiatives that, in addition to allowing its users to use any of its services through traditional payment methods, accepts Bitcoin.

"Bitcoin is an electronic currency that presents new features and stands out for its efficiency, security, and ease of exchange", according to the website of the agency. "When we make purchases with Bitcoin we do not have to reveal sensitive information such as credit card numbers or bank accounts and therefore there is no risk of this information being stolen from the online seller".

3. CheapAir, according to the newspaper Bitcoin Technology, is one of the first providers of flight booking services to accept Bitcoin in 2013. The online travel agency was created in 1989 in California, United States, and also offers car rental and rental services that can be paid with Bitcoin.

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4. Organization ParkWay, a travel agency located in Bogotá, Colombia, offers packages and plans that can be paid with Bitcoin balances. With them, residents and tourists will be able to visit some of the most beautiful places in the country, with the cost of airfare, ground transportation, meals, and paid stays.

"Digital currencies are the result of innovation in the area of new technologies. Their decentralized nature makes them very practical and easy to use assets since transfers can be made over the Internet and thus reach the entire world without the need for intermediaries. The advantages posed against the Colombian peso are many, and one of them is that they can be used internationally", says Jaime Hernández, director of the tourism agency, to Bitcoin newspaper.

5. Flyhi is a Lithuanian-Estonian travel company that accepts bitcoin payments for flight reservations and tickets with Bitcoin. It started operating in 2002 and currently offers online ticket booking services in some 13 countries. According to its website, it takes approximately 3 minutes to book tickets on its website,

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