Visit La Ceiba, the beautiful “Bride of Honduras”

Nestled in the Honduran Caribbean, this port is a destination that offers much more than beautiful beaches

Visit La Ceiba, the beautiful "Bride of Honduras"

The bride of Honduras or the port of La Ceiba is the most important tourist complex in the country, according to La Prensa, which thousands of tourists visit each year, where they enjoy its beaches and other attractions that make it a complete destination.

Leer en español: Conozca La Ceiba, la hermosa "Novia de Honduras"

Located in the department of Atlántida in the north of the country, La Ceiba is well connected and can be reached in less than an hour by plane or 4 hours by bus leaving Tegucigalpa. Know some of the most important sites and activities to enjoy this destination:

Cayos Cochinos: a small archipelago formed by two islands, recommended by the local newspaper El Heraldo. It stands out for its natural wealth that attracts international producers to record extreme sports programs. It is an exuberant paradise, surrounded by the intense blue of the Caribbean, which can be visited through tours through the two main islands and the numerous keys. It is a place full of history, it was also a pirate base during the viceroyalty, being a pig farm, which gives its name to the place.

Garifuna village of Corozal: this place keeps the traditions of the Garífuna ethnic group, descendants of Africans who settled on the Caribbean coast. The digital website HonduDiario highlights the music, dance, rituals and cuisine of this village, where the food based on cassava, fish and typical drinks of the region stand out. It has all the services such as hotels, restaurants and even an Afro-Caribbean museum, plus transportation to and from La Ceiba is constant.

Reynaldo Canales Wharf: according to information from La Tribuna, this wharf is a historic site that was destroyed over the years until the Honduran government rescued it and, after 5 months of work, was reopened in 2015 to become in a tourist attraction for its impressive view of Pico Bonito and the old English Quarter, heritage of the colony.

Pico Bonito National Park: the Honduran magazine Estilo puts it as a point not to be missed: this mountain stands out in the landscape of La Ceiba with a beautiful view from the Reynaldo Canales pier, which rises to more than 2,400 meters in height. It is a protected natural area, so if you look for nature it is the ideal place. It is surrounded by an intense green that you can explore through walking and observe the Caribbean Sea from the heights.

Cangrejal River: this river crosses the Pico Bonito National Park as well as the center of La Ceiba and offers numerous activities, among which rafting. The tourist site Reservations in La Ceiba offers this activity with the necessary equipment and professional guides and is complemented with walking, bird watching, among other activities.

Finally, in addition to the natural beauties, La Ceiba offers an active nightlife in its bars and entertainment centers that are complemented by its varied cuisine. Due to its geographical location throughout the year it has fresh fish and seafood that show the best of Afro-Caribbean food and the Spanish and British colonial heritage that is seen in every corner of this destination. The best season to visit is in spring and summer, because different festivities are celebrated, including a carnival.


LatinAmerican Post | Luis Ángel Hernández Liborio

Translated from "Conozca La Ceiba, la hermosa "Novia de Honduras""

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