Visit southern Mexico! 5 wonders of Chiapas

In LatinAmerican Post we recommend 5 places in the Mexican state of Chiapas that should be on your route

Visit southern Mexico! 5 wonders of Chiapas

Chiapas has become one of the most important international destinations in Mexico. It has many natural, archaeological, gastronomic and cultural attractions gathered in the same territory. In LatinAmerican Post we recommend 5 places that you can not miss in your visit to Chiapas.

1. Sumidero Canyon

According to information from Mexico Desconocido, it is located 30 kilometers from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, capital of the state. It is a canyon that extends for a 32 km route, through the Grijalva River. It is so important that it is part of the state's shield,  you can cross it by boat and observe its walls of a thousand meters or from the heights in its many viewpoints.

The whimsical shapes that the water has sculpted can be seen all the way, in addition to wildlife, which includes various kinds of birds and crocodiles. Hire a tour from Tuxtla or Chiapa de Corzo, for less than 20 dollars.


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2. Montebello Lakes

Mexico and Guatemala share these gaps that are located on their borders. Its beauty is exceptional, they are a protected natural area that can be visited on both sides of the border freely. Some are of an intense blue color, like the Pacific and others of turquoise colors like the Caribbean.

There are boat tours, rafts made by people in the area and there is also the option to swim in some of the lagoons. According to Turismo Chiapas, the deepest is 45 meters long, called Tziscao, being only one of the 59 that exist in the region.



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3. San Cristóbal de las Casas

To be a magical town must meet certain standards of services, tourist attractions, security, and authenticity. San Cristóbal de las Casas exceeds all of them. Unlike the heat of the thick jungles, San Cristóbal is located in the mountains in the middle of temperate forests, so its climate and landscapes are unique. To this, its colonial past is reflected in the architecture that together with nature create a magical atmosphere. Its streets are paved and the houses have mud roofs, so it is a place recommended by Mexico Desconocido.

We recommend you visit its markets, tianguis (street markets) and restaurants, where you can find all kinds of handicrafts, in addition to its delicious cuisine. In the squares, you will hear traditional music from Chiapas, played on the marimba, an instrument characteristic of Mexico and Guatemala. Also, very close, you can visit the town of San Juan Chamula, emblematic for its customs and its way of dressing, a pride for the people of Chiapas.



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4. Agua Azul Waterfalls
The most famous waterfalls in the country, with their brilliant turquoise blue color, are one of the most beautiful places in Chiapas. According to the magazine Expansión, to get there you can take a taxi from Palenque or hire a tour that includes the ruins, the waterfalls, and Misol-Ha.

In these waterfalls, you can observe the landscapes surrounded by jungle from one of the viewpoints or swim in its crystal clear waters. They have different depths and intensities in the current, so they are suitable for children and adults. You can also find the state's gastronomic variety and fruits as the characteristic mango of Chiapas.



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5. Palenque

It is one of the best-known places in Mexico in the world, in Palenque, there are the ruins of the same name, one of the best-preserved samples of the Mayan world. Surrounded by the thick jungle of Lacandona, one of the lungs of Mexico and Central America, the ruins of Palenque are in an unbeatable location, recommended by Visit Mexico.

In the Lacandona jungle, you can do ecotourism activities, which you can hire in packages and that will be a rewarding experience. In the ruins, you can not miss the Castle, the observatory, the palace and the tombs of the red queen and the great ruler Pakal, one of the most important kings of the Mayan culture, a finding of the same value as that of Tutankhamun for the Egyptians



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LatinAmerican Post | Luis Ángel Liborio

Translated from: 'El edén del sur de México: 5 maravillas de Chiapas'

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