Tremor in Colombia: How To Protect Your Pet?

Colombia continues to be shocked by the tremors that took place yesterday. Many wondered what to do with their pets and how to protect them. Here we tell you what to do in case of an earthquake.

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Yesterday, August 17, 2023, there was a series of tremors in Colombia that took place between 11 in the morning and 9 at night. As always, seismic events make us wonder about the most appropriate protocols to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Among them, of course, are our pets.

Many Internet users asked yesterday what is the security protocol that we must take into account for pets. Here we tell you, because it never hurts to remember it.

Can my pets feel the telluric movement?

This is a frequently asked question every time there is a seismic movement. Although it is difficult to affirm that dogs or cats can predict the tremor, there are hypotheses that affirm that both species can feel telluric movements a few seconds in advance. In the case of dogs, this is because they have very sensitive hearing. Before releasing the energy of the earthquake, the subsoil rocks cause a high frequency sound that we humans cannot perceive; the dogs can. In the case of cats, it is said that they have a special sensitivity to terrestrial magnetic fields, which means that they can feel the tremor a few seconds before we do.

However, this is only a few seconds earlier, so your pet's sensitivity is not a good measure of tremors. Also remember that all animals have different sensibilities and personalities; so it's hard to believe that our pets can warn us of an earthquake.

What you can be sure of is that your pet is definitely sensitive to your mood, so keep in mind that it will behave according to how you do.

What to do before, during and after?

Like all animals, including ourselves, pets have an instinct for survival. This does not, however, make them knowledgeable about emergency protocols. So we give you some advice on what to do before, during and after an earthquake.

Before: how to be prevented?

  • Include your pet in your emergency kit: include a portion of its food, water, a portable bowl and prescription medicines.
  • In your family protocol, assign the task of the animals to a member of the household. So this one will take care of the pets while the others attend to other emergency needs.

During: what should I do?

  • Do not evacuate during the tremor, wait for it to stop, get your animals ready and calmly leave your house.
  • Stay calm, as they will imitate you if they see you panicking.
  • Try to be close to them during the tremor, so that you can get them ready for evacuation faster. You can raise them if their size allows it.

After: what to do with them?

  • Always evacuate with your animal.
  • Outside the home, stay close to them.
  • Remain calm, as the crowds could upset them.

Is caring for dogs different than caring for cats?

They are two very different species, so their behavior during an earthquake will also be different. Cats, for one thing, tend to hide in these types of situations. Try to have your cat accustomed to a bib or crate, since time is vital in these circumstances, so it is better that your cat does not exert resistance when it comes to evacuating.

Dogs, on the other hand, are easier to train, so this can be a preventative measure for these emergencies. It is convenient for your dog to attend to his name and come when you call him. When evacuating, always take it out on a leash, because the scare can cause a flight.

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