USA: What are America’s 10 favorite jellybeans?

This popular candy is celebrated on its national on April 22nd. Find out the flavors people like the most

USA: What are America’s 10 favorite jellybeans?

Candy Store performed a sales data study to find out and rank jellybean’s flavor people like the most in each state of the United States. The study shows America’s favorite Jelly Bean by state in an interactive map and ranks 30 top jellybean flavors. Candy Store based its study on sales data from the last 10 years and SurveyMonkey and Facebook polls where 12,000 people voted for the most loved flavor in each state.

In the following list, you will find the top 10 flavors and in which state they are most consumed:

  1. Buttered popcorn: This is the kind of flavor that has both lovers and haters. However, it occupies the first position as United States’ favorite jellybean flavor. Buttered popcorn jellybean is salty and smooth. Buttered popcorn jellybean is the favorite one in the next states: New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, and California.  
  2. Black Licorice: Last year, this flavor was the most beloved one in the United States. Nevertheless, this year it lost the first place against Buttered popcorn. Black Licorice is a classic flavor and it has been available since 1970. Black Licorice is the favorite flavor in the next states: North Dakota, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, and Alaska.
  3. Cinnamon: According to Candy Store’s sales data and online polls, cinnamon is United States third favorite jellybean. Cinnamon flavor is a mix of both sweet and spicy. Last year it occupied position number fifth. Cinnamon is the favorite flavor in the following states: Nevada, Wyoming, Kansas, and Delaware.
  4. Watermelon: This is another classic flavor characterized because of its sweetness. Thus, it is not unexpected watermelon occupies position number four in the national ranking. This is the most favorite flavor in the next states: Hawaii, Florida, Alabama, Oregon, and Wisconsin.
  5. Cherry:  As Black Licorice and Watermelon, Cherry is a classic flavor among United States’ citizens and Candy Store’s shoppers. Over 20 years, Cherry was the favorite jellybean. However, it is now under the shadow of Buttered popcorn, which was ranked in the first position. This is the most favorite flavor in the next states: Nebraska, Iowa, Utah, New Mexico, and South Carolina.
  6. Juicy Pear: This flavor has enchanted jellybeans’ lovers because of its sweet, light, and delicate flavor. This is the most favorite flavor in the next states: Washington, Vermont, and New Hampshire.
  7. Orange: As the fruit, this jellybean is one of the most beloved ones in United States. In the following states, it is the most favorite:   Idaho and Maryland
  8. Green apple: Contrary to Juicy Pear’s flavor, Green apple’s is sour and people seem to like it as it was ranked in the position number seven. This is the most favorite flavor in the next states: Maine, Mississippi, and Oklahoma  
  9. Toasted Marshmallow: People in United States love s’more toasted marshmallows. Thus, it is not surprising that they voted for it to be one of the top ten most favorite flavors. According to Candy Store’s study, this flavor is great accompanied with chocolate jellybean.
  10. Coconut: This is the last flavor in the top ten favorite jellybeans. Coconut flavor is both sweet and creamy and it remains jellybeans’ lovers to a piña colada. In Massachusetts, this is the most favorite flavor.

If you want to know other flavors, visit Candy Store’s study  

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