What Is That That Gives Real Sense to Our Lives?

On many occasions, we feel vulnerable, afraid, or ashamed in situations that expose us and put us to the test.

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It is at that moment when we need to identify the connection that motivates us, inspires us, and gives meaning to our lives and that helps us overcome many schemes that we have imposed on ourselves of control and management of all situations that make us feel uncomfortable, such as A lifestyle.

Casandra Brene Brown, presents us with the findings of her research for almost a decade, about people who have been able to overcome feelings of uncertainty, and fear or feel isolated from social, family, or work groups. Something they have in common is that they accept their state of vulnerability as something natural that is part of their lives and decide to manage it in the best possible way.

An important aspect that he mentions is the idea that by not being able to have other options, we fall into addictions or feel subject to taking medications to feel better, when the true answer lies in ourselves, leaving aside the schemes that torment us and replacing them with those that provide us with well-being and satisfaction at all levels.

Brené is a native of San Antonio, Texas, and is a teacher, researcher, author of several books, and podcast host who talks about the power of vulnerability, how to turn it into a positive and constructive aspect in life, providing stability and acceptance, of so that the fears of not being able to establish connections, of not being accepted, of rejection, practically take a backseat to feelings such as courage, bravery, love, authenticity, and kindness.

In her TED talk, she exposes how people rebuild themselves from the turn they can give to their lives.

These approaches lead us to reflect on our desire for perfectionism, for wanting at times to impose our criteria and ways of thinking, to be distressed because things do not turn out as planned and this leads to continuous and permanent dissatisfaction that we even go to our collaborators, family members and children in a vicious circle that wears us down and even separates us from our loved ones, blocks us from accessing job or promotion opportunities, and even from being creative and enterprising to crystallize an idea that we are passionate about.

Once we accept ourselves, we feel worthy and deserving of what we have and achieve, in the same way, we will project it to those we love and surround us. More information can be obtained on their website:



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