Which Type of Milk Is the Best Among All the Options?

We have all witnessed how alternative milk products become more popular every day. 

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Most of us believe that they are healthier, but the truth is, that the type of milk you should drink depends on the health needs that you are looking for, the dietary restrictions that you have, and your taste preferences.

A study by Collar and McCormick found that almond milk contains less than half of the protein that soy, goat’s, and cow’s milk have. On the other hand, skim milk contains the lowest amount of fat per serving. In terms of fat content, soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk contain at least half the fat of cow’s milk. Almond milk was found to have the most calcium of the kinds of milk tested. The amount of folate and vitamin B12 were low in goat’s milk and almond milk. Soy milk was found to have almost twice the amount of folate and vitamin B12 present in cow’s milk.

Let's look at different options and their potential health benefits according to your dietary limitations or allergies.

Almond Milk

If you wish to lower your intake of carbohydrates this is a good option. It is usually also low in calories and sugar and contains powerful antioxidants. However, if you are looking for high content of protein, almond milk may not be your best option.

Cow’s Milk

Cows milk is a great source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals for those who can tolerate lactose.


Soy Milk

If you are looking for a close substitute to cow’s milk in terms of protein, this may be your best choice. Soy milk contains plenty of amino acids and is usually fortified with calcium.

Oat Milk

If fiber is a concern for your dietary intake, for helping to reduce cholesterol, or for healing the gut, this may be a good option. Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that oat milk contains more carbohydrates and natural sugars when compared to nut-based milk beverages.

Coconut Milk

Considering that some people are allergic to nuts, coconut milk is a great lactose-free option. It is also low in calories. It is worth highlighting that coconut milk is rich in Medium-Chain-Triglycerides that are good for your brain. However, it is no secret that coconut milk does not contain protein and is high in fat and simple carbohydrates.

Rice Milk

For people that are allergic to nuts, dairy, and soy, rice milk should be considered as an alternative. However, it is important to note that its nutritional value is low since it contains a mix of rice starch and water.

The best milk for you, therefore, depends on the dietary restrictions you have, the benefits you are looking for, and the taste of your preference.

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