4 questions to understand what the Olympics are up to

In the middle of a jungle of news we receive daily, it is difficult to keep up with the state of the Olympic games.

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Although it is difficult to know how this event will unfold, we bring you what is known so far. Photo: Pexels

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With almost daily news about the Olympics , it is difficult to know how this event will be held. That is why we decided to make an article as a "Frequently Asked Questions" so that you can be informed of the most important of this momentous sporting event.

On what date will the Olympics finally take place?

According to the most recent information, the Games will begin on July 23rd and will end on August 8th. However, three competitions start a little earlier: Baseball / Softball and Soccer have their first round games on July 21st and 22nd.

How will the Olympic torch ceremony be like?

The path of the Olympic torch will begin in Fukushima on March 25th, and, for the next 121 days, it will run through all 47 prefectures of Japan. The tour will end on July 23rd, when the Opening Ceremony will take place.

The torch will begin its journey in Fukushima , becuse (along with Iwate and Miyagi) was the prefecture most affected by the deadly earthquake of March 11th, 2011. As such, the organizers of the games hope that the torch will be a “healing light” for these places.

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Will spectators be allowed?

There are two deliberations that the International Olympic Committee is making in this regard: international spectators should be allowed? And, if so, how many local spectators should be allowed?

For now, international spectators would not be able to attend the games. The decision, according to Reuters, will be made before the torch run begins on March 25th.

However, allowing foreigners does not seem to be very popular in Japan. According to Reuters, a poll in the Yomiuri newspaper showed that 77% of respondents were against foreign viewers coming to Japan to watch the Games, while 18% were in favor.

On the other hand, the deliberation about the number of spectators that should attend each stadium should be resolved in April. For now, some media, such as the Sankei newspaper, have reported that there could even be a maximum capacity of 50% in each stadium.

Will athletes be vaccinated?

This is an uncertain point. At the end of last year, the International Olympic Committee assured that the vaccination of athletes "was not mandatory" for their participation in the games. This position is still held by the committee, but in a strange move, they accepted additional doses of the Chinese vaccine, offered by that same country, for Olympic athletes.

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