A Greek is the favorite to keep the NBA MVP award 2018-19

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The first choice for the award is Giannis Antetokounmpo, thanks to his skills under the boards and his respectable long distance shot

A Greek is the favorite to keep the NBA MVP award 2018-19
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After much of the recent NBA season, the competition for the MVP (Most Valuable Player) prize continues to be increasingly closed as usual, given that the candidates have shown interesting numbers this season, being the fundamental pillars of their respective organizations. Names are never missing but the surprises are always latent, and that is the scoop this year is the feeling of the Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo, leading the list even above the star of the Rockets of Houston, James Harden, according to the latest Votes and statistics reflected in the NBA portal.

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In addition, names such as Paul George (Oklahoma City Thunder), James Harden (Rocket of Houston), Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets) and Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), who is also making merits to be the best of the season, but nevertheless for a lot of the mentioned ones the news of their teams in the harvest does not accompany them at all in their options of classification to the Playoffs. Here a review of what was the month of February for each, according to the statistics reflected by the NBA portal in its latest listing.

1) The Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo representing Europe and the Milwaukee Bucks is so far the most benefited in the voting, their numbers this season show that in the recent campaign accumulates 30.6 points (62.1% field), 12, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 1.6 blocks in 32.6 minutes. He is so productive with his team that he was present in 9 of the 11 games that his club played, obtaining the victory in each one of them.

2) In second place and escorting Antetokounmpo we found base Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder with a record of 28.6 units per game 8.1 assists, 4.3 assists, 2.3 steals, plus 3.9 triples per game, with the addition of being a candidate to the best Defensive Player of the year.

3) As a third option is James Harden of the Houston Rockets with a run of 8 games with 30 points or more, the nicknamed as "Barbas" averages 36.2 points for commitment, almost above the remembered 1986-1987 season of his "Majesty" Michael Jordan, with 37.1 units, his offensive level being the best. He also had an encounter with 58 goals, 10 assists, 7 rebounds, and 4 steals.

4) The following is the Serbian Nikola Jokic, of the Denver Nuggets, being his primary weapon the double triples in the harvest with 4 only behind Russell Westbrook, with 8. Also with 6 double-doubles, 22.5 points per shock, 12.5 rebounds, 7.8 assists 1.2 steals in a total of 32.1 minutes per game.

5) Finally appears in the list as the fifth best option of the 2019 harvest of the best basketball in the world and does not need presentation, Stephen Curry, who despite not having a remarkable performance in the first months, went in February with 24.4 points per game 4.6 triples scored, 6 sacks 4.9 assists spread and 1.5 steals off the ball in 34.6 minutes on court per commitment. Despite having accumulated in February, five consecutive collisions making more than five triples is located in the last box of the top 5.

Taking into account the aforementioned MVP candidate of the season in process of the NBA, the great favorite to obtain the award is the Greek Antetokounmpo for several reasons including their effectiveness of 40% in long distance throws, exceeding 30.6% a early in the year, as well as being the lord and master of the Milwaukee Bucks boards in both the offensive and defensive aspect, according to and Pirates of Basket 10.

Although the Greek is the big favorite to take the MVP, in recent days a system that engineered Basketball-Reference, which specializes in data and statistics, the "Barbas", James Harden, is the first option with 71.8% of odds of obtaining the aforementioned prize, while his escort Curry barely got 8.3% far from the reality of the star of the Houston Rockets, as published by, prior to the latest NBA statistics for February.


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