Amazing Sports Proposals From the New Generation of Surfers

The female gender implements new skills in the water. Here’s a list of unstoppable Latin American women surfers.

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In recent decades, surfing has developed a trend in women not only at the tourist level but also at a competitive level. That is why The Woman Post invites you to meet the best Latin American surfing champions who glider above the huge waves.

There are few studies where they reveal data on the activity of surfers. However, in an interview, Laura Salmonte indicates the performance and movements that surfers implement in the activity. The data collected show that at the recreational level the paddling oscillates by 44%, the wait by 35%, surfing the waves by 5%, and other activities such as diving by 16%. On the contrary, at the level of competition, the paddling is 51% this figure increases by 7%, the wait is 42%, surfing the wave is 3.5% and the other activities are considerably reduced to 2.5% due to the tactical decisions that professionals must make. Here’s a list of unstoppable Latin American women surfers​​​​​​.

Izzi Gómez, Colombia

This woman is destined to be a great surf athlete. During her formative years, she had competed in several surfing competitions but did not achieve success. However, her skills proved the opposite when she won her first world tour at the age of 14. Subsequently, Gómez appeared in the film "Leave a Message" directed by Jason Kenworthy. From there, she began to optimize her surfing technique.

The illusion of achieving her life purpose did not stop her and she got her first win at the QS Slo Cal Open in California. The constant effort has made her grow and strengthen her mind. She considers that the idea is to achieve balance and perform in the activities 100%. Opportunities in the competitions will present themselves as you emerge as a surfing professional.

Maya Gabeira, Brazil


With only 34 years Maya Gabeira manages to surf in the year 2020 the highest wave and was recognized in the Guinness Book. As a child, she was attracted to the sport, but she says that it was very bad in surfing, because she was afraid to stand on the board. The athlete expresses that this sport is not only surfing, it requires strengthening the mind 50% and the other 50% fortifying the body. Fear control is the key to understanding the speeds and waves you face. It is a life with a lot of contrast, one day you are on top of a wave with adrenaline gushing out, and the next day you are exhausted in bed, you cannot even move. It is an unforgettable experience and will not prevent you from returning to the wave that almost took your life.

The leader strives for the Award for the largest wave ever surfed. The important thing is to have the position that women deserve in society.

Sofía Mulánovich, Peru

The sporting success of this woman has been achieved with effort and dedication. The excellent technique she implements in her style makes her stand out in competitions and on many occasions, she manages to beat her opponents. In addition, the family support and comprehensive education that has been instilled in her, guide her to work hard in discipline, mental strength, confidence, and relaxation. She even implements concentration and resilience in her daily life. Mulánovich has had many triumphs and has her goals clear as an athlete.

She has garnered great emotional support from her family and friends. However, the key point of her success has been the development of her confidence and aptitude to be able to achieve great things in life. Being competitive is what she is most passionate about and thanks to the challenges in which she has participated. The Peruvian is invited to stimulate her abilities and skills as a professional.

In short, women's surfing provides a positive attitude to make the sport more inclusive. Despite the flats of the industry, women begin to adapt with great enthusiasm to the activity.

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